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Review of Galathemes

It is necessary to create a website when it comes to selling products and items online. In order to attract more customers, a website needs to feel and look good. It needs to have the right theme and template to give its customers a pleasant experience. For this very reason Galathemes is here to provide its users with premium templates and themes. This website has some of the most uniquely designed themes and technologically advanced features. It has themes and templates available for all sorts of products that are to be sold. So, please buy the magento themes & templates with discount and have Galathemes coupon.Without further delay, let’s look at some of the benefits and features:

Responsive Themes and Templates

The themes available are all responsive in their own way. All of the themes provided has its own style. Themes such as Gala Garden is for the users who wants to sell items related to gardening. It has a combination of the right type of colors and pictures to showcase the website. The layout has been structured in such a way as to ease the shopping experience for customers. Responsive template makes navigation easier for both the customer and the user. Drag and Drop feature is included to make uploading contents and pictures easier.  There is also live demo available for the users to check out the themes and templates.

galathemes discount

Customizable Extensions

A free extension is provided by Galathemes called Gala ColorSwatches. This extension allows users to convert and showcase their products’ size and color to thumbnail images. Therefore enabling users to display those images on products. This brings a new consumer experience as it lets customers select their customized product effectively and efficiently. There is no need to go through hassles such as changing settings and what not. Since this extension can be connected through their own installer, it takes less than a few minutes to install. Gala ColorSwatches can be used with all the versions of themes and templates provided by Galathemes.

Price Plan and Benefits and Discount

There are two ways by which themes from Galathemes can be purchased. A user can pay a one time payment or pay a subscription fee per month. Single Theme package involves a onetime payment. A user can purchase any individual theme through Standard package for $85 and Developer package for $125. Membership Subscription package involves a monthly subscription fee. It has Standard package where the user has to pay $400 as a start-up fee and $40 per month. And then Developer package where the user has to pay $500 as a start-up fee and $50 per month. But there is discount not included. Users subscribed to Galathemes will get access to new themes every month. There are also installation services available which are completely free for users.

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