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Mac FoneTrans

FoneTrans Coupon

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FoneTrans and The Review

In the file transmission process under iOS section, a lot of software tools are available. Among all of them, FoneTrans is very effective and reliable for the iPhone users. This software tool ensures the users to handle the file transfer process from any iPhone device to other iPhone or PC. It is able to transfer almost all types of files. There is no limitation in the file extension supporting issue. Not only the contacts and the musical files but also the document files, video files can easily be transferred in a short time while using this. You can get this useful tool at a low price from here with the coupon offer. To obtain this FoneTrans discount, there is no necessity of using any coupon code.

Why This Tool?

To manage the best backup mood of the available files in your iPhone, FoneTrans is very supportive. This offers all the simple methods to conduct the activities. While using this tool, you can simply export the contact, musical files, photos and the document files into any vCard or CSV file on any PC. Besides, to import the needed files from CSV file, Outlook and the related file into iPhone, this tool can be used by any iPhone user. While conducting the needed file transferring activities, you can also delete or edit any existing file if it is needed. Moreover, FoneTrans ensures the process to save the iPhone messages like txt, html or csv format.

File Sharing Activities

Multimedia file transmission: In case of transferring the corresponding musical files from iTunes to iPhone, there is the possibility of data loss while using traditional tools. To eliminate this problem, FoneTrans is very active having the user friendly conditions. This maintains the musical file and video file transferring process without any type of data loss or damage. While connecting your iPhone with any PC, you will also be able to observe the available file in your iPhone. Then, you can import or export the needed files among PC and iPhone. In case of passing the photos from iPhone to PC/iTunes, an active tool is provided here. To export the needed music playlist or multimedia files into the iTunes library, the users can simply rely on FoneTrans. This process ensures the bet backup mood of the multimedia data. In managing the photos stored in iPhone, this tool assures the photo album creating process in an automatic way. Then, after making the photo albums, you may easily export them to other devices or PC.

Manage SMS and contact: To ensure the best security mood of the available contacts, this tool manages the backup mood. At the time of deleting the unwanted texts or contacts, it will ask for the confirmation.

Pricing Issue and Coupon

By using the free trial version of FoneTrans, some limited facilities can be observed. In case of getting the full license, the users need to pay only $29.97 and guess what? The promo is not even included in it.

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