FocusMe Discount and Grab Exclusive Coupon Offer in 2022

We are sorry that the following FocusMe offer is no longer vaild, as the company do not allow cashback at this moment. Please check our other offers.


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FocusMe Discount

Review of FocusMe

Time is valuable and precious, but, ironically people simply take time for granted and don’t give the much needed importance. Instead of focusing on using the internet to get work completed, majority of the users remain distracted on entertainment sites. To eliminate unproductive bad habits such as this, FocusMe enables users to reach their true potential by blocking unneeded websites. FocusMe is determined to make users’ time productive, hence, access to this software is for free on android. With this software, users can balance their time between work and relaxation by scheduling time to be spent online. This will result in complete prevention from unnecessary multitasking, and leading to twenty-five percent more efficiency in productivity. The application will also help in preventing users’ all sorts of addictions related to the internet. Please get the reviewed most powerful app & website blocker with discount and obtain the FocusMe coupon.

Break Reminder, and Time Tracking

FocusMe’s time tracking function will allow users to calculate total time on work activities and other online application. All the user has to do is set the software to track overall time spent on specific websites of choice. Users can therefore manage their time effectively by putting more emphasis on actual work rather than social-media sites. Nobody can work for too long and it is equally essential for users to take breaks from time to time. To further assist the users in this process, break reminders are available to drastically boost the rate of productivity. Specially designed timers such as Pomodoro timer is provided to get large tasks completed while still getting enough breaks in-between.


Ultimate Blocker

There are some websites that are better off blocking rather than closing and opening them in short time intervals. For such cases, FocusMe allows users to block any website or application that seems to be distracting the users. Blocking websites permanently is perfect for individuals who can’t control their urges and have low willpower when avoiding distracting sites. Websites can be categorized or separated by adding it into either the black list or white list. The unwanted sites will get blocked off while work related websites like Google Docs will remain open for use. Once users select their block list, actions will be taken immediately, and delays like computer restarts will not be necessary.

FocusMe Discount and Price Plans

FocusMe has two plans along with their free access on android application. Their first plan is the subscription pack in which users can choose annual or monthly membership. Annual membership requires $2.50 monthly fee whereas Monthly membership requires $6.99 monthly fee, in which both these plans are cancellable. If periodic payments feel unsuitable for users, then they can directly go for the One Time Buy for $99 except the discount. For students or members of educational facilities, FocusMe gives thirty percent off on all the plans.

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