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Flywheel discount

Review of the Flywheel

Hosting platform is necessary for all types of websites. And of course, there is no lacking of the hosting providers. Plenty of those are available for offering various types of facilities. On the other hand, WordPress has become one of the most commonly used platforms for creating websites. People are using this platform for generating their websites of various types in quick time. If you are a WordPress user then you have to get suitable hosting facility for your website. In this case, The Flywheel can be recommended. With the hosting services, this company also offers very advanced management features. So, please get the managed WordPress hosting built for designers & creative agencies with discount and avail Flywheel coupon. Some major features of this product are:

Build and Lunch Sites

The Flywheel you will give you the powerful tools to build the WordPress sites very quickly. All kinds of the designers as well as agencies will love to use those tools. You can also collaborate with anybody else to making your website. This product is useful for the freelancer. After generating your WordPress sites, you can get the bills from the clients very easily. The billing transfer method of it is very safe and easy. The website launching is also very much easy with Flywheel. The hosting platform of this product is very much powerful. It has the premade performance tuning and web security facilities. It also has the tools for the management of the projects and the entire team.

Flywheel discount

Blazing Fast Servers

For any kind of hosting platform, the quality of server should be considered. Flywheel offers blazing fast servers which are perfect for dealing with WordPress. For all your websites, this product will offer dedicated resources. So no matter how demanding your website is, that will be fast all the time. After purchasing any plan of Flywheel, you don’t have to rely on any caching plugin for squeezing the performance. The caching will be done by this very efficiently. The backup facility of this WordPress hosting and management platform is also impressive.

Pricing Plans and Discount

Actually various plans of Flywheel are available. You just have to choose the perfect one considering the necessity. The individuals, the Pay-Per-Site plans are suitable. Among these plans, the Tiny Plan is available for only $15 per month. It has 5GB disks and 250GB bandwidth. It is suitable for working with 5 thousand monthly visits. The Personal License is capable of handling 25 thousand monthly visits. This one provides 10GB hard disk space with 500GB bandwidth. According to 25 December 2015, cost of this license is 30USD per month. Similarly, the Professional License is available for $75/month without Discount. It includes 20GB hard disk with 1TB bandwidth. It will work with 100 thousand visits in each month. All these plans are for single WordPress install. You can also enjoy Flywheel for multiple sites by purchasing Freelancer, Agency or Custom plan.

Therefore please purchase with Flywheel discount. Buy the managed WordPress hosting built for designers & creative agencies with coupon.