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File Viewer Plus and The Review

FVP acts as a file viewer tool that is supportive almost from all file formats. It is applicable for the Windows platform. It can easily support 300 file types. After that, it contains the ability to edit the files and save them in the desired format. All of these functions are managed in this single platform. In case of file conversion, it issues all the supportive formats. Enjoy all the features of File Viewer Plus with our coupon offer.

Short Summary on This Tool

This is defined as a file opener under the Windows section. Within the document category, it can easily support PDF files, MS document files, MS Excel sheet, PowerPoint Presentation files and so on. Then, the media file category will appear with a wide range of formats. Here, you will get the formats for audio files, video files, vector graphics, raw image format etc. In archives category, it can support 7-zip compressed documents, zip archives, android packages, cabinet files for windows and so on. Moreover, the font files, web files, source code formats, .dat files can also be opened through this. Get all the facilities provided by this tool with the File Viewer Plus discount.

Available Features List inside This

FVP approves a wide range of facilities for the flexibility of the users. The first term is the supportive file formats. All the Microsoft document files and project files can be opened by this tool. Moreover, the video file can be opened in various formats. If any user wants, then s/he can easily convert them in other formats. To edit the image types, vector images, raw images and related files, it holds a lot of terms and conditions. Moreover, the extract attachments, email files can also be viewed through this file viewer tool.

Editing Issue: File Viewer Plus acts not only a file view, but also an editor. It can edit almost any type of file and after that it can save them in the required format. In fact; the Microsoft Word file can be saved in the text file or pdf file while using this. To edit the image file, it holds all the advanced level conditions. All these functionalities are available not only for the professional users, but also for the beginners. In case of converting the media files, some helpful logics and conditions can be gained here.

Additional Features: Batch conversion process is also available in File Viewer Plus. With this condition, the users can convert more than a single file at a time. Moreover, it provides the term of previewing file properties, metadata, available text, icons etc.

Pricing Issue and Coupon

File Viewer Plus can be purchased through the price of $49.95 without the promo code. This holds all the available features with the up-gradation policy. Moreover, you can apply all the renowned payment conditions in case of purchasing this.

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