FB Virtual Assistant Coupon, Fantastic Discount for 2020

Excellent 25% FB Virtual Assistant coupon that will be provided to you as cashback. Please note the FB Virtual Assistant image below for further instructions:

Also note this flat 25% applies for any license: Standard, Professional, Enterprise and others.

fb-virtual-assistant coupon

FB Virtual Assistant Review

Various social media have become reliable marketing platforms. The professional marketers are taking social marketing seriously because of reasons. People use social media for sharing their views and messages regularly. That is why, if you can post something on Facebook, they will see obviously. But for doing so, you have to post those either on their timelines or groups. Manually dealing with so many posts on various groups is very difficult. So using a reliable tool for that is best. So i think you don’t have to worry about saving more if have FB Virtual Assistant discount. So enjoy the FB Virtual Assistant with the coupon. It can be a great choice in that case because of following features:

Very Advanced Scheduling

Posting right contents at the right time is necessary. And all the contents may need not to be posted on each group. That is why, FB Virtual Assistant has a very impressive scheduling facility. By using this product, you will be able to select the number of posts and the number of destination groups. The break between two posts can also be customized very easily. You have to make the posts such a ways that the target audiences can see those. This software will help you to do so. Incognito facility is one of the best features of the FB Virtual Assistant. It will act background and deal with Facebook just like a human being. So Facebook will not understand that the posts are made from a computer software.

fb-virtual-assistant coupon

Post Various Contents

All the social content posting tools cannot deal with all types of contents. The FB Virtual Assistant can do so. You can post plain texts, images and website links with this. Even this tool is capable of posting YouTube videos on Newsfeeds. This product can post so many contents over and over again. Once you set this thing up, it can do the rest automatically. The FB Virtual Assistant can be used for list creation. From any group, it can collect the email addresses and other info of the members. You can use this information for various purposes. It can also find out most active members on Facebook depending on their commenting, liking and sharing.

FB Virtual Assistant Plans and Coupon

You don’t have to worry much about the pricing of FB Virtual Assistant. It actually has three different editions. One of those is Standard Version which is available for 77 USD only without the promo code. It actually includes single user with a lifetime update facility. Professional Edition has come with three different licenses. As per this post writing time, the price of this version is only 127 USD. It is perfect for a small team. If you have a large team to work with, then the Enterprise Edition of FVA can be suggested. The cost for this one is only 247 USD. None of these editions require monthly fees. And you can purchase these without tension because 30-day guarantee is available with these.

So, have the extensive Virtual Assistant with our discount pricing. This FB Virtual Assistant coupon will provide more saving with good amount of money.