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FB Notification Pro discount

Review of FB Notification Pro

Most of the online marketers know about email marketing. It is profitable in most of the cases. But still it is not that much profitable as it should be. Main reason behind this failure is many recipients do not even open any promotional emails. And even they open those, they do not click on the shared links. That is why, alternative strategy should be followed for getting more success. You can send Facebook notification messages to huge number of people instead of sending emails. Research says that almost all FB users open notification messages. And most of them even click on all notifications. For doing this profitable task, you can rely on FB Notification Pro. So if you decide to purchase with the FB Notification Pro coupon, please take it with amazing discount. Here are some main features of this solution:

Few Easy Steps

Working method of FB Notification Pro is very easy. First of all, it will help you to create amazing custom connect buttons for FB. Those buttons can be placed on opt-in pages very easily. Just few mouse clicks will be enough for doing this task. After that, you have to create landing and sales pages. These pages can be showed on Facebook. And these will be designed so beautifully that people will be able to see these from any kind of device. After creating these, FB Notification Pro will allow you to direct all contacts to created landing pages. Facebook notification messages will be used for this task. Then high conversion rate will be shown to ensure huge profit.

FB Notification Pro discount

Faster List Creation

One of the finest features of Notification Pro is it can offer faster list creation. By normal sign up to FB, it is possible to get addresses of real people. Then those addresses can be used for sending notification messages. When they will click on these messages, they will be redirected to specific website. Sometimes, they can be forced to download zip files. Sending notification messages can be sent anytime you want. This product will allow you to use your own sales pages and landing pages for the campaign. Notification schedule can be created with autopilot program of FB Notification Pro. That is why, you don’t have to waste much time to send those manually all the time.

Attractive Pricing Plan and Discount

Price of this product is pretty amazing. As per 6 January 2016, cost for this tool is only 17 USD without discount. Little price should not create confusion about its quality. FB Notification Pro is already tested in many cases. In one test, notification messages were test to two hundred people. These people ignored same offer at first place when other marketing strategies were used. After sending FB notifications, 190 persons among them opened those and 164 of them clicked on those messages. Conversion rate was also awesome. 29 recipients purchased the product for which campaign was made. This test actually shows the effectiveness of FB Notification Pro.

We can say that, if you want to have the FB Notification Pro discount, get chance of the amazing coupon in 2018.