FB Audience Toolkit Discount and Get Excellent Coupon in 2022

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FB Audience Toolkit Discount

Review of FB Audience Toolkit

FB Audience Toolkit helps in drafting large amount of authentic Facebook audience onto the users’ friend list to grow audience list. High experience or advanced skills aren’t a requirement, since anyone with an existing FB account can handle and operate it. Installation is carried out by dragging the software and dropping, and after initial selection and settings, it works on auto-pilot. Users can try FB Audience Toolkit for free from their webpage by clicking on the FREE Demo button. Clicking on that button will redirect users to a new page where there’ll be two more new options. These options are tools called ‘Friend Requester’ and ‘Messenger Demo’ which’re installable by dragging them onto the bookmark area of the browser. Hence, please get the reviewed  highly targeted audience & automate FB lead machine software with discount and gain the FB Audience Toolkit coupon.

Friend Requester

FB Audience Toolkit’s Friend Requester is built to systematically perform the tasks that’s assigned to it, which’s adding active audiences. Users have to know what their content is about, and based on their scope, users have to know their audiences. A literal example would be if users’ content is based on fitness and exercising, or motivational activities, or sports. Therefore, based off the subject of the content, users can lookup influencing online figures and go through their fan-base. Users can then turn on Friend Requester, and set the system to automatically send a request for friendship on FB. To avoid being reported as spam, there’s request delay option, and there’s no request limitation implemented.

FB Audience Toolkit


FB Audience Toolkit have in-depth demonstration and live explanation for both Auto-Messenger and Friend Requester tool. After this software’s Messenger is installed, clicking on the tool will change users’ FB chat interface to the mobile version. There’s nothing to worry here as this’s the way the tool was designed and released to function effectively. Similar to Friend Requester, the Messenger tool has options to select the total engaging audience to send messages. Once a definite number is selected, users can send single line messages or click add button to send multiple lines. Once send button is clicked, all lines of messages will be sequentially delivered and updated. To view auto-sent messages, users will have to open their original FB page and refresh their screen.

FB Audience Toolkit Discount and Price Plans

FB Audience Toolkit is $67 except the discount and allows above eight hundred simultaneous audience engagement, while Free demo version has audience limitation. The FB Audience Toolkit has Start and Stop option, hence, operations can be halted by clicking Stop even if it’s operating. Since it’s an automation tool, being labeled as spam is impossible, but, for further safety, time delay settings are available. To reduce burden and unwanted load, FB audiences who’re inactive and unresponsive will get auto-removed and won’t be contacted again.

Finally, we can say that buy with FB Audience Toolkit discount and have the highly targeted audience & automate FB lead machine software with coupon in 2022.