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A Short Review on ExtendAzon

If you are looking for earning more from Amazon traffic, various ways are there. Normally, Amazon associates send traffics to product page. But affiliate cookies expire automatically after 24 hours. But you can extend this time for many times. To do so, ExtendAzon can be suggested to you. This powerful Amazon Shopping Cart has very useful cookie extender facility. That is why, you will get more and more commissions. This plugin offers so many impressive features and is offered for reasonable price. The main things about this product are:

Engage More Visitors

Main feature of ExtendAzon is it can engage visitors for longer time. When they will click on affiliate links, they will still stay on your website. This product will convert a normal affiliate site into ecommerce store looking site. It will offer shopping cart which is actually a widget which can be placed on anywhere of the site. You can also place that shopping cart on a slide out page. In that case, it will not take any space on the page of your site. ExtendAzon will also let you use full shopping cart page. This function will provide more professional look on your Amazon affiliate site. Customers will be allowed to add recommended products directly to that cart.

Please review the features, if it is beneficial, then make the extensive purchase with ExtendAzon coupon and get the discount.

extendazon discount

Very Highly Compatible

In many cases, it is very important to work with other plugins. ExtendAzon is compatible with so many popular plugins. Some of those are AutoTube, WP Zon Builder, Product Style, and WP Robot etc. One of the main important things is to convince the customers to buy more products. ExtendAzon plugin will do that by using its automated upsell feature. Whenever any customer will add any product to shopping cart, related products will be suggested. The can browse those products very easily and then purchase those. It will offer you to access some bonus facilities. One of those is Amazon Training Lessons. It will let you know all about Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Another bonus will show you step-by-step

Plans and Pricing with Discount

Pricing is another important thing, which has made ExtendAzon more powerful. There are only two licenses of this product. But those can fulfill all your needs. Unlimited License of this product can be purchased by only 47 USD without discount. You can use this on unlimited number of domains. And you have to use it on only personal sites. But sometimes, you may need to sell or transfer plugin sites. In those cases, you can purchase Developer License. As per the date of writing this review, price of this license is 97 USD only. And this license also includes all features of Unlimited License. You cannot resell ExtendAzon plugin, no matter which license is purchased. After purchasing this plugin, you will get the access to nine more plugins for very attractive price.

So we can suggest you please purchase with the cash back coupon, which is offered as ExtendAzon discount in 2018 ~ 2019.