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Express Scribe Coupon

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Express Scribe Transcription Software Review

Express Scribe is considered as an audio player based software program for the Windows platform and Mac OS by which any user can assist the corresponding transcription process of the audio recording. This tool can simply be installed by any typist in the corresponding PC and after that, s/he can control the audio playback by using the keyboard or the foot pedal of a transcription. It includes a wide range of valuable features for the typists like multi channel based controlling system, playing video, needed file management process and so on. If you are impressed with the review of Express Scribe Transcription Software, then purchase it from the above mentioned link with the coupon service. Please note that, no coupon code is needed here to get the discount.

Active Facilities Inside This

Express Scribe Transcription Software includes the variable based speed playback while managing the constant pitch. It is supportive both for the video and audio playback system quite easily. It is valid for managing various file formats while assuring the dictation file from encrypted format. T control the playback, you can rely on the USB foot pedal with the professional activities. Then, you can also use the hotkeys for controlling the playback at the time of transcribing them into the software. For managing the loading process of recording, you can depend on the digital portable system voice recorder. Express Scribe is compatible with the Microsoft Word and other major word processors. It has the ability to receive or load the corresponding files through email internet or the local network. After that, it can manage the term to work with the speech recognition program like Dragon Naturally Speaking and this process is helpful to convert the speech into the text files. After that, you can also load the CD audio in a direct way and manage the loading process. Express Scribe is also compatible for working with the text expander and it is helpful for entering the legal phrases through keyboard strokes.

Available Versions

It includes two different packages. The first one is the Express Scribe Free and other one is Express Scribe Pro. The Free version includes some limited features and the Pro version offers a lot of conditions while comparing with free version. AltoEdge Foot Pedals is offered almost in both versions. Moreover, you will get some professional level features in the Pro version like digital speech standard, Sony recorder based system etc. In case of video playback, many formats are available like MOV, WMV, and AVI and so on. In the digital recording system, Grundig, Olympus and Philips can be observed.

Coupon and Pricing Issue of This

To get the Professional version of the Express Scribe, you need to pay only $34.99 without including the coupon. In case of getting the Basic, only $29.99 will be asked. The home users can use the free version.

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