ExcelPipe Discount, Avail Excellent Coupon in 2018

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ExcelPipe Lite

ExcelPipe discount

Features and Review of ExcelPipe

Most of the computer users are familiar to the Excel files. Excel is the application which is included in the Microsoft Office Suite. Now it is also available as separate product of that brand. Various types of spreadsheets can be created with the help of this app. Sometimes the users make mistakes while inputting the data on the spreadsheets. And sometimes the inputted data must be changed for any reason. It is very time killing task to find out those data and write down the right one in all the files. DataMystic offers very easy solution of this problem. The ExcelPipe of this brand will help you to search the desired data and replace with the right ones. Besides, another right thing to do with this cool product is to reduce its price by providing a discount offer. We have done the same by introducing the ExcelPipe coupon offer and no discount code is required to get it. Here are some main features of this product:

Easy Replace Process

Just like the other products of the DataMystic, the ExcelPipe is also very easy to use. First of all you have to choose the phrases which are needed to be replaced. And then the phrases, which should be injected by removing the replaced phrases, should be imported. Then the ExcelPipe will replace those very quickly. For inputting the new words or phrases, you don’t have to type those on the UI of this software. This product can easily import those from the other documents or excel sheets. This product is so quick because it can handle large sets of MS Excel files at a time.

Replace Any Texts

The ExcelPipe has the ability to find and replace all kinds of texts and logos. It can find those from anywhere of the targeted files. Suppose you have changed the mobile number or contact info of your organization. This software can be used for changing the old info replacing the by the new ones. So the ExcelPipe is perfect for updating the business process templates. This product is perfectly compatible with all the versions of Microsoft Excel and the Windows operating system.

Pricing and Discount of the Licenses

Just like the other products of the DataMystic, the ExcelPipe also has some impressive licenses. According to the necessities, you can purchase any of the licenses with reasonable price. The Lite Edition of this product can be purchased by only 99 USD only without even including the discount. This is a license for only one user. You can purchase multiple units of this product with more attractive price. For example, if you get 10 license of it, then the total cost will only be 700 USD before 2017. Most popular edition of ExcelPipe is the Full Edition. This one is especially for the developers and business analysts. To get this, the unit cost will be 299 USD. It is also for single user but it can work with unlimited files at a time. Other two versions of this product is the Floating and Server editions.

ExcelPipe is product that has come providing customers satisfaction and is worthy to be experience. Thus, we cut its price by bringing up the coupon offer. We hope this ExcelPipe discount will come in handy for you in purchasing this product.