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Elastic Email Discount

Are you ready for assuring a flexible email delivery platform? In this modern time, online based marketing activities as well as the business platforms are getting dependent on email based campaign. So, users should find out a solution which can maintain email marketing campaign in a systematic way. In this case, Elastic Email is a reliable one source. This is a fabulous one email delivery platform which is very simple to use. It contains the needed criteria by which users can manage the available contacts, create any custom new template, run the available campaigns etc. Besides, this has the capability to handle ad-hoc reporting system.

Overview of Elastic Email

Elastic Email is supportive almost for all types of business solutions. It doesn’t matter which type of business you are operating, Elastic Email is capable enough to maintain all types of email campaigning activities. This is a low cost tool and it supports the API. So, with this solution, you will be able to send out hundreds of personalized emails, campaigns, video and images. All these activities can be controlled through a minimalistic set-up process. Here, some other crucial features are also assured like auto-responder, drip campaign, newsletter management, template management etc. Besides, you will be able to handle bounce tracking, spam check, event triggered email, survey management etc. Here, click through tracking and mailing list management feature are also available. Hence, please take the reviewed powerful email marketing campaign software with discount and obtain the Elastic Email coupon.



Active Features and the Solutions

Here, the first feature is email marketing. While conducting this term, you need to show your creativity. Elastic Email offers some built-in templates. These templates are easy to customize. Besides, the designers can build up the email templates while using HTML. In the next step, you have to assure contact segmentation criteria. Here, the segmentation tool allows any user to create groups with available contacts while using some specific parameters.

This is a powerful one feature by which you will be able to send out personalized email to any specific contacts or a group of contacts. Here, available messages can also be customized if it is needed. The next feature is a transactional email API. This creates a systematic way to configure the email delivery approach. The SMTP configuration system asks only 3 minutes to setup the full procedure in any website or app.

Elastic Email Discount and Pricing

Elastic Email offers two different plans which are Unlimited Monthly plans and Pay as You Go Plans. If you choose Unlimited Monthly Plans, then you will find both Unlimited and Unlimited Pro packages. Here, Unlimited and Unlimited Pro packages are available with the price of $9/month and $29/month condition sequentially except the discount. If you choose Pay as You Go Plans, then the Email API and Email API Pro packages are available. Email API package asks $0.09/1,000 emails and Pro package asks $1/day and $0.09/1,000 emails.

Therefore, please obtain with Elastic Email discount and have the powerful email marketing campaign software with coupon.