EightSleep Review | Avail Pricing for the Sleeping Software in 2022

EightSleep is the software that was founded way back in 2014, and offers users with four innovative smart products. This application’s technology has tracked a total of ten-million hours of successful sleeping time, and analyzed two-hundred billion data points.


Review of EightSleep

The difference between this software’s mattress and the others is: technology is used on EightSleep’s to optimize better sleep. There are limitless benefits that revolves around a good night’s sleep, and some of them are increased productivity, and energy. Hence, users who are looking for a comfortable sleep can purchase this company’s Saturn, Jupiter, or Mars mattresses. Any indecision will be dealt with by the application’s chat system where direct contact with customer services are provided.

Smart Techs

EightSleep’s mattresses have advanced smart system related to sleeping, which are: sleep tracking system, smart alarm, and temperature control. The sleep tracker has four mattress size variations called Queen, Full, King, and Cali King. The Full Size is the smallest which is fifty-four times seventy-five inches, and the Cali King Size is the biggest. The tracking system uses sensor layers which perfectly fits with the mattresses provided, and these sensors are controllable from mobile-devices. Certain times, when the temperature is just right, an individual is guaranteed to immediately fall asleep. But when there’s an imbalance in the mattress temperature, sleeping comfortably will become difficult. Thus, with the combination of users’ mobile phone and sleep tracker, users can control the temperature of their bed’s different sides.

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Different Mattresses, and Features

Getting to know the sleeping pattern and sleeping behavior will help learn more about users’ own sleeping habits. With EightSleep, information on users’ heart rate, and respiratory rate are accessible from their app. The total time users tossed and turned around in bed is also tracked and calculated. There’s a difference between light sleep and deep sleep, and these variations in sleep types are measured as well. The Saturn mattresses use a durable foam, and the firmness of these mattresses is medium-firm. The Jupiter has premium medium firmness foam installed, and has minimal transference of movement. The Mars foam is delivered with layers of premium foam and has a pocket-spring coils attached, and allows maximum breathability.

EightSleep Price Plans

EightSleep has two collections, first one is Smart Collection, and the other is Standard Collection. Under Smart Collection, EightSleep’s Saturn is $699, Jupiter is $999, and The Mars is $1299. Under Standard Collection, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars are $349, $549, and $749. All the mattresses supports and are compatible with all bed foundations like: Box Spring, Slatted Base, and Adjustable base. To prove that this technology is not overrated, users can sleep on these mattresses for one hundred nights.