Edraw Cloud Storage Discount: Avail Excellent Coupon and Review

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Edraw Cloud Storage Discount

Review of Edraw Cloud Storage

Nowadays, as the workload increases, the number of files and documents being created is also rising. Creating files and projects takes up huge amount of space on an individual’s computer. And when there is not enough space on the computer it becomes very troublesome to store files. To solve this there are many service providers that enables users to store large files and documents online. However, these type of service provider tend to give very little storage space.

Therefore, to provide users with relatively bigger storage size to store files online, the software Edraw Cloud Storage is available. Edraw Cloud Storage delivers from up to 200-megabytes to limitless file storing space for the users to keep their documents. The walkthrough on how to work with the software along with its Personal. Hence, take the reviewed web based data safe cloud back up software with discount and obtain the Edraw Cloud Storage coupon.

Personal, and Team Cloud

Edraw Cloud Storage’s Personal Cloud allows only the users to access their files and folders. Users can save any type of files and data without having to worry about anyone getting their hands on it. Hence, the Personal Cloud follows certain conditions such as files being able to be viewed by a single user. The same condition is followed when it comes to downloading files from the software. Next, we have the Team Cloud where it is based around group of users or members working together on a project. Unlike Personal Cloud, the Team Cloud allows members of a team to view and also download files with no restrictions.

Edraw Cloud Storage

Storage Functions

Edraw Cloud Storage have a complete guide available on setting up, and managing the software efficiently. Upon starting the software, users are required to first create their account by signing up. After signing up users will get to choose whether they want to use the Personal Cloud system or the Team Cloud system. For Personal Cloud, users need to only create their folders to store files and that’s it. But for Team Cloud, users have to add in a team name with additional descriptions. User can use Team Cloud to set permission for other members and also add, and remove member. The folders created on Edraw Cloud Storage can be modified like changing the folder name or deleting the folder.

Edraw Cloud Storage Discount and Price Plans

There are three plan options included with Edraw Cloud Storage, and each plan’s payment involves an annual fee. Users looking to upgrade their storage capacity to two hundred megabytes can go for Option 1 which cost $45. And, for users looking to increase space by one thousand megabytes can buy Option 2 package for $90 without the discount. Lastly, for $180, users can receive limitless online storage space by purchasing Unlimited Storage plan.

Therefore, please buy with Edraw Cloud Storage discount. Eventually, have the web based data safe cloud back up software with coupon.