EATree Review | Get Pricing for the Expert Advisor Builder

MetaTrader is very popular electronic trading platform offered by MetaQuotes. The retail foreign exchange traders use this platform worldwide. It is effective for analyzing the financial marketers and trading forex. You may need a powerful advisor builder for the MetaTrader. There are very few of them and the EATree is one of those.


Review on EATree

EATree is a windows application is capable of creating the forex signals as well as expert advisor. There are two main products under this brand and those are the MT4 Standard Edition and MT5 Standard Edition. Let’s have a look at some of the main features of it:

Easy and Powerful

For creating the expert advisor or forex signals, you will need to work with many trading boxes. And those boxes should be colorful and attractive. It is not very difficult to work with few boxes. But when tree of boxes are created, there will be some problem. EATree MT4 and MT5 will solve this problem for you. Very easy to use interface of it is very helpful for creating very impressive blocks and boxes and even the tree of those. More importantly, you don’t have to use the programming knowledge at all. Even the MWL trading language experience is not mandatory for using EATree. You just have to create the visual representation and it will then make that perfect for MetaTrader. Both the MT4 and MT5 will allow you to access the trading tools like trailing stops, money management, martingale and others.

Expert Advisor Builder

Very Speedy Platform

Normally long time is required for the expert advisor development. And the same thing goes for the forex signal development. But if you have the EATree, you will be able to do that in just minutes. So much of your time can be saved. This platform will allow you to create the layout library which can be used for completing various tasks. While using this platform, you will be able to learn the MQL trading language. But for that, you have to have some knowledge about this language. One thing should be mentioned that you have to use the updates of EATree all the times. If you do so, then the error free signal codes will be generated by it always.

Pricing of the Products

Both the MT4 and MT5 of EATree have similar pricing plans. The unit price of each of these is only $149.99 as per 11 July 2016. But there is volume discounts facility. If you purchase 2 licenses of it, then the unit cost will be reduced to $89.99. Similarly, for purchasing 3 of it, the unit price will only be 79.99 USD. And from 4 licenses at a time, the unit price of EATree is 74.99 USD. There is one major difference between MT4 and MT5 Standard editions. MT4 supports the MQL4 language and the other one supports MQL5 language. Both of these products have the limited editions. You can try those before purchasing the Standard Edition.