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EasyLock USB Encryption coupon

EasyLock USB Encryption and the Review

For the better security of the data, we can apply various systems. Among of them, data encryption method is such reliable system by which we can manage the best protection. To assure the data encryption process, the above one is a needed one program. Both the enterprise based users and home users are dependent on the data security condition. To ensure this process with the reliable mood, EasyLock USB Encryption offers all the supportive functions. It mainly performs the task to store the confidential data into the internal HDD while copying them into the USB storage section. After that, it also uploads those data into the cloud services like iCloud or Dropbox. Moreover, for better security of the personal data, it also performs the burning process on DVDs or CDs. Get this reliable security providing software cheaply with the coupon offer. Just use the promo code as mentioned above in order to have the EasyLock USB Encryption discount.

Main Activities Performed by This

EasyLock USB Encryption ensures the data security system while creating an encrypted field on the USB drive and after that it stores the personal data in that storage section. This is suitable not only for the Windows platform but also for the Linux and Mac OS. At the beginning level, it asks the user to choose an area with encrypted mood where you want to keep your personal files and folders. In the business section, some data are very confidential. In that case, you may not want to give the access of other people in that data. To assure this system, you can maintain this USB storage section safe with the password protection mood. In this field, EasyLock USB Encryption applies the CBC mode encryption process. In this field, no threat can attack and damage any file. Here, there is no possibility to steal any data by the hackers or cyber criminals.

Active issues

EasyLock USB Encryption is mainly developed for the reliable security mood of the data. While managing them, the user suitable condition is also maintained. By depending on the user’s choice, it has organized the password protection mood in several methods. In the technological section, it has offered the military strength cryptography condition. Inside the security mechanism, you will get the anti tempering based condition. For getting all the available features, you can customize the corresponding features through drag and drop format. This ensures the safe and the portable mood of your data. By providing the portable condition, you can observe that the users can carry the data at any place and in a safe way. After that, he reporting issue is also maintained here with the proper scheduling term.

Pricing Issue & Coupon

EasyLock USB Encryption provides a trial edition. In having the full version, you need to pay the price of only 16.99 Euro for a single license. The rate is already cheap and the coupon is not even added to that.

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