Easy WP Localhost Coupon, Get Exclusive Discount

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Easy WP Localhost coupon

Overview on Easy WP Localhost

Easy WP Localhost is software that allows to build a countless number of WordPress site in just a few steps. This builder can create a WP website three times faster than any other builder. That means you can create three individual sites where other can build up to only one site. The localhost installation on windows PC or Mac PC is never been so easy. Building a website in live server is very much time taking and sometimes server loads with buffering. But using an offline Localhost won’t show this kind of difficulties. Pages often load slow and sometime server error due to interrupted internet connection. This builder doesn’t need an expert to perform a site building. This is very much workable with anyone who can operate a computer. As it works in offline it can take up to a good backup procedure. You will get a backup tool with 100% satisfaction. The backup gets operational when something got changed this will save a lot of time. You will get a professional feeling when working with this localhost. There is also some localhost service available, but they are really a hard to work with the process. Even when you can complete the installation it also gets logy, but with EWL installation is easy. Get the easy-to-operate Easy WP Localhost with our coupon offer.

Easy WP Localhost coupon

Features of the product

Easy WP Localhost is a very comfortable and easy using software. The best feature of this software is that this software comes in with compatibility with two popular platforms, one is windows and another is Mac. Also this software is built on one of the best and the simplest user interface ever. The interface is very smooth in use and 100% satisfying. Also this software is packed with other features. As for to mention 1 click WP installation. You will get your total complete WP site with just one click. The backup feature of the software is also 1 click enabled. So you can backup and restore up to anything with just one click. This localhost is compatible with WordPress 3.x and 4.x. You will get a push button to complete any sites as of details, just you need to go through the detail. This software comes with lots of several working plug ins, even you can add your own plug in into the builder. This builder is just made up with Apache, MySQL, PHP. This localhost will work like the real host; you won’t be able to find any differences. This software is pre-installed with ION Cube themes right after the box. You will get 12-month helpdesk support for free. The best thing about this software is you can create unlimited number of websites with just one single software for a one time payment. Enjoy all of the excellent features with our Easy WP Localhost discount.

Pricing, Plans and Coupon

Easy WP Localhost is divided into some casual plan with the limitation to creating projects. 10 site license plan is worth of $47 excluding the coupon. Another plan 25 license plan is about $67. And the best plan of all unlimited license plan is just $67 as an early bird offer.

So, get the Easy WP Localhost coupon on this software designed to run WP test sites locally without the need of any technical skills. Enjoy this discount in 2022.