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Easy GIF Animator and the Review

For creating the animated pictures as well as the buttons and banners, Easy GIF Animator is a good one platform for the users. This GIF editor tool offers many types of powerful functions for conducting this task. To make the stunning animation based effects, this is very supportive for the animation image creators. Avail all the stunning features today with the discount coupon offer. For obtaining this Easy GIF Animator coupon offer, no extra discount code is mandatory.

Active Issues Inside This

In making the animated cartoons, pictures, buttons and the banners, Easy GIF Animator is very effective. Besides, the moving text effect can also be managed through this. After that, the transparency management issue is also handled here. This default image editor offers a wide range of features and conditions. Inside the animation effect, some other conditions can also be gained like visual effect, rotation process and so on terms. To resize the GIF images, some logics are applied here. With this, you will be able to crop or resize a GIF animation through a single click. In case of converting the video files into the GIF image, some systems are also offered here. To allow this, an additional condition is offered. After making the animation files, you can also save them as AVI or SWF flash based file. In case of adding the background sound with the SWF format, an effective tool is offered here. All of the issues are optimized while maintaining the high quality image. In the frame management task, the users will observe the issue of adding, removing and extracting.

Detailed Features List

Image Editor: Within the image editor section, you will have the shape or line tools and the spray tools. After that, the color picker tool, text tool, zoom tool, transparency tool is also available here.

Frame Management: This section is very essential for making the animation image. For creating the innovative animation image, you need to assure the effective frame management policy. Here, you can easily add or remove any frame with multiple frame controlling system. Then, the frame duration can be handled easily. In the duplicate frame rearranging issue, some options are also issued here. Moreover, you can also integrate this with another external editor.

Effect Management: Effect Management Issue is an essential one term under any GIF image editor. That’s why; Easy GIF Animator offers many stunning issues in the effect controlling section. For the custom sliding effect, an active tool is available here. Moreover, there also exist some other effects like zoom, fade, rotate, clock effect etc. After making the corresponding changes, you can simply view them in the web browser.

Pricing Issue and Discount

Easy GIF Animator is mainly supportive for the Windows version. It provides trial version with some limited features. In order to have the full license, you have to pay $19.87 without any kind of promo code.

Take advantage of all the product features with our Easy GIF Animator discount and we hope this coupon comes in handy for you.