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Easing Slider coupon

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Review of the Easing Slider

The image slider effect can make a normal website better and more appealing. Nowadays, it is not a difficult task to offer the slider facility to the sites. You can use a normal plugin with your WordPress website for this purpose. Many companies are offering this kind of tools. But among those, I will recommend you the Easing Slider. There are certain reasons behind my recommendation. This flexible product supports several premium add-ons. That is why it can show more important products than those of the others. So if you are happy with the product review, then please buy it with the coupon or promo facility. So get the coupon while purchasing this solution. Let’s discuss about the features and facilities of this impressive WordPress plugin:

Full of Important Features

There are several tools which can offer only few sliders in one website. But the Easing Slider is really an extraordinary solution. It will allow you to add as many sliders in your WordPress site as you want. And this product is very easy to handle. From your WordPress admin panel, you can create your items without problems. For the sliders, the most important thing is the transitions. The transitions offered by this plugin are powered by the CSS3. So the performance of your contents will always be at peak level. Another very important feature of the Easing Slider is it can make the contents completely responsive. So, your sites will be perfectly seen from any kind of devices.

Easing Slider Coupon

Some Premium Add-ons

For enhancing the features of Easing Slider, you can integrate various extensions with this. For example, if you want to add video slides on the slider very easily, the Videos Add-on should be purchased. Sometimes HTML based captions may be needed to be added. In those cases, the HTML Captions extension can be used. The Images from URL Add-on will help you to import image slides from the desired external URLs. The Lightbox Extension will let you import various lightbox images for the sliders of your website. With all these three and two more extensions, the Pro Bundle of Easing Slider is available.

Complete Coupon Code & Pricing

Each of the premium add-ons is available for single sites, multiple and unlimited sites. And in each case, the price is totally reasonable. For the Single Site License of the Videos Extension, you have to pay only 17 USD. This same product can be purchased for 2-5 websites. In that case, the cost will be 28 USD as per 13 January 2015. And the Unlimited Sites Plan of this one can be purchased by 39 USD only. Pricing plans of the other extensions are exactly the same. But the Pro Bundle of Easing Slider is more attractive and cost effective. To get this bundle for single site, the necessary cost will be USD 29 only. 2-5 Sites and unlimited plans of these are available for 49 USD and 99 USD respectively. But the coupon is not included there. All the Easing Slider products are suitable for the basic users, professionals and developers.

So you can purchase the item with the exclusive discount in 2016. This Easing Slider coupon which cuts off the product price is expected to satisfy you big time.