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Review of DownloaderXL Pro

As the Microsoft Excel is very much popular all over the world, there are certain add-ins of this. Several companies are providing this kind of add-ins. One of those companies are the Olsoft Software Development Company. This company offers some amazing products and one of those is the DownloaderXL Pro. This tool can easily be integrated with the Microsoft Excel. You can use this tool to download several price data and quotes. After downloading, those data can easily be used on the Excel Worksheet. There are some more features of this tool which may attract you. But we must say that the discount coupon on it is another big attraction of this product.. Some of those are:

The Main Features

There should be no doubt that the MS Excel has achieved huge popularity because it is very easy to use. So if you want to add additional tools to it, then that must be easy to use too. The DownloaderXL Pro offers a very easy user interface. That is why you can handle this thing very easily. Very advanced charting capability is another good feature of this product. This tool will help you to create various types of line charts and bars for the data. This product is very much useful for the professional users also. They can use the command lines from the VBA for calling this tool. It will let you deal with the downloaded data very efficiently. You will get the power to handle the data and charts by using various adjustment options. Get the item with DownloaderXL Pro coupon to avail this power.

Attractive Pricing Option and Discount

It is very easy to understand that the DownloaderXL Pro is a very strong tool for Excel. But as compare to the features, pricing of this product is not that high. The license cost of this tool is only $49.95 as of the date of writing this product and that too without including our mentioned discount. Sometimes, the backup CD of this tool can be necessary. So you can get that while purchasing this tool. In that case, additional $22.95 should be paid. Now let’s have a look at the offers you will get after purchasing the product. For some other products of the same brand, you will get very attractive offers. For example, 30% reduce will be offered with each of the AnalyzerXL Pro, NeuroXL Predictor, BacktestingXL Pro and RTQuotesXL Pro. And with the BulkQuotesXL Pro, you will get 20% discount.

Multiple Data Providers

One of the best features of the DownloaderXL Pro is it supports multiple data providers. It can download the historical prices data from Yahoo! Finance, PiFin and Google Finance. From the Google Finance, it can get the weekly as well daily data for the stocks. And from the Yahoo! Finance, it can also get the stock related data with the data for mutual funds and indices. It uses the PiFin for downloading the historical prices for currency and commodity. The tool cam also deal with the dividend data from the Yahoo! Finance.

Purchase the add-in with our coupon offer. We expect that you enjoy the DownloaderXL Pro discount.