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Review of the DJ-Extensions

There should not be any doubt that Joomla has become one of the best platforms for creating websites. No matter which type of site needs, you can generate that with the help of Joomla. Now, the fact is, for making the site more impressive, different types of extensions can be used. Some people rely only on the free tools, but those are not about the qualities of premium products. The DJ-Extensions provide several impressive free and premium extensions for Joomla. So, please buy the build directory and classified ads website with discount and gain DJ-Extensions coupon. Some of those are:

Some Premium Extensions

It is difficult to describe about all the premium products of this brand in this short review. I just have mentioned some of those. The DJ-MediaTools is one of those. Some people insert different types of articles and galleries in the articles. If you want to do so, then this extension will help you. It is compatible with all the normal and responsive templates. DJ-Reviews is an affordable tool of DJ-Extensions. This one will let you provide a review and rating facilities for each of the posts on your site. For posting and handling the classified ads on the site, this company has offered the DJ-Classifieds. One of the best directory solutions for the Joomla sites is the DJ-Catalog2. All these products are very much efficient and easy to use.


Premium Products Coupon Code & Pricing

Pricing of various products of DJ-Extensions are different. You can get the single product, bundles or developer licenses. DJ-Catalog2, DJ-MediaTools and DJ-Reviews are available for the same pricing. Regular License of each of these can be purchased by USD 50. On the other hand, the Plus License can be enjoyed by USD 75 according to 17 December 2015 without discount. This one is available with 12 months support and update facilities. Similarly, Regular and Plus Plans costs of the DJ-Classifieds are respectively USD 75 and USD 110. The single licenses of other 5 premium tools are also affordable. You can also get all these as a bundle. The Regular and Plus Licenses of the Bundle will cost you USD 205 and USD 285. Developer licenses of each of the premium tools of DJ-Extensions are there. If you want to purchase multiple licenses of each extension, you can choose the developer plans.

Some Free Products

We already had mentioned that the DJ-Extensions has some amazing free products. Among those, one of the most popular items is the Image Slideshow module. This product will let you show the images on your Joomla site with slider effect. Facebook likebox is another good product in this category. This one is useful for the integration of the social media with the targeted site. With the help of free extension of the DJ-Extensions, you can easily add videos on your website directly from YouTube. Similarly, the five other free tools of this brand are very useful.

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