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DiviLover Discount

Review of DiviLover

DiviLover’s founder is Ania who is involved with web developing and graphic designing. But ever since she discovered Divi, the task of designing and developing websites have significantly improved. DiviLover has eleven premium and professionally created themes for purchase, but, what’s amazing about this service provider is their community. There’s a section named tips&trick, and inside, there’s countless blogs that shares helpful information, discusses techniques for page building, etc. To learn about implementing CSS for mobile devices, the founder have written a dedicated CSS related blog, full of tips. This blog shows users the stacking order for reverse column, aligning text, adding modules, and ways to remove unneeded margins. Under each of these blogs, there’s a comment section available so that users can discuss among themselves. Hence, please gain the reviewed high-quality Divi child themes with discount and obtain the DiviLover coupon.

Theme Variations

DiviLover’s Cleanly is a smooth and slick theme that is targeted towards companies that provides cleaning services. Although this theme has a specific user base in mind, its flexibility makes it a multipurpose theme. Theme Customizer is provided with which the colors of the theme are changeable, and the fonts can be edited. No coding needed, since with one or two clicks everything is modifiable and edited. For making the web pages stand out, hovering effects are given in which images that’re added will animate when mouse-pointer is hovered. Users who are into businesses related to landscapes, gardening, or lawn services can try the Gardenly theme. These themes have demo installation available for previewing them to see firsthand what it actually looks like.


Plugins, and more Themes

DiviLover not only has services for themes but they also contain a huge collection of plugins and useful tools. Divi Booster is a plugin which offers hundreds of fresh options for configuring an users’ website to make it more personal. Divi Booster’s settings page is simple, and has options for modifying icons, changing layouts, uploading image from computer, etc. Female entrepreneurs are rising in numbers, hence, with the successful females in mind, the Girly theme is presented. It has the general theme customizer just like other premium themes, but also includes unique features like Fancy Preloaders. There’s twelve different preloading styles available where all of the styles consist a different animation.

DiviLover Discount and Price Plans

The DiviLover’s themes that were talked about in this review are Cleanly, Gardenly, and Girly. The prices being set for these talked about themes is €35 to €90, €55 to €150, and €55 to €150 respectively. Other DiviLover’s themes are DiviEstate which’s €65 to €175, Meetly, and SEO Monster that is €35 to €90, and Zara for €55-€150. The Divi Booster plugin is $19, and Testimonial Slider’s regular license is €25 while extended license is €85 excluding the discount.

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