Design Contest Discounts, Coupon Codes| October 2022 Promo

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Design Contest Discount

In the online industry, customer attraction is a required one term for achieving targeted profit. For managing a massive amount of customers in your online business, you have to assure creative design. In the designing section, a lot of categories are available like logo design, business card, website design, icon design, poster design, mobile app design etc. To assure this task in a simple manner, today I will introduce to you an amazing one platform which is Design Contest. Design Contest is a platform where you can arrange competition between the designers. From this section, you will get the opportunities to find an award winning design according to your need. Accordingly purchase take the reviewed professional graphic design solution with discount and obtain the Design Contest coupon.

Design Contest Review

Design Contest is such a suitable one place where professional designers will compete for your corresponding business. It creates the way to receive dozens of unique designs within just 7 days. Here, a wide range of design categories are available with a bunch of available options. Now, you may think, why will you pick Design Contest? There exists a lot of conditions for choosing this platform. The first condition is designing variation. Here, all the designers are valid and professional. Then, you will find some more creative features like no clipart, transfer of copyrights, collaboration tools etc. The most crucial option is a privacy which is strictly maintained here.

Design Contest

Working Steps of This

The working process of Design Contest is really simple and systematic. Here, at the initial level, you need to fill out a brief. In this portion, you will have to tell the available designers about the corresponding project. Then the budget set up option to appear. In this portion, you need to choose a price package. Here, you can set up your own price. Whenever, this step is over, you are ready to receive the designs. In this case, designers will submit their designs. This means, the designs will come to life with comment and rate. From this portion, you can pick up a winner and get the copyrights which will be transferred to you.

Design Contest Discount and Pricing

Let’s consider the web design at the very beginning. For website design, you need $595 whereas mobile website design asks only $495 except the discount. For Logo designing tasks, you need to pay $275 only and with $195 you can manage business card designing task. Inside illustration and contextual design section, Design Contest asks $195 for icon design and $225 for character design. Inside the Product design, packaging design asks $395 only. Therefore, label design and ticket design asks $275 and $175 sequentially. But, if you want a magazine cover design, then you need to pay $275 only. At last, take a look on application design. Within this part, mobile app design asks only $495 and desktop software design asks same as mobile app design.

Therefore, please gain with Design Contest discount and buy the professional graphic design solution with coupon.