Day Designer Discount: Have Exclusive Coupon Offer and Review

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Day Designer Discount

Review of Day Designer

Time is precious, and every day should be treated as if it’s the last day on earth. People have no clue about the amount of time they have spent doing unproductive and meaningless things. For a balance in life, every day should be planned equally and should be spent with ultimate focus. Hence, Day Designer is available with their beautifully crafted notebooks for scheduling work, creating to-do list, and putting important notes. With Day Designer’s planner, every moment will be lived with a guided framework to take users closer to their goals. Therefore, the application that made its debut in 2010 has welcomed everybody by making it free to try. Users’ email is everything that is required for the free trial, and nothing else. Please take the reviewed powerful online marketing solution with discount and obtain the Day Designer coupon.

Daily Planning, and Food & Exercise Log

Day Designer has thirty two free printable planners which are designed for thirty two different activities. The daily planning page has space given for putting three high priority activities with rows for inputting dues and dollars. A5 Daily planner is similar to default daily planning, but, has added icons for health, money, calendar etc. Getting fit is important for leading a healthy and happy life, thus, Log planner for Food and Exercise is printable. For the Food&Exercise Log, an amazingly well-organized table is provided that’re divided into three rows for breakfast, snack and lunch. Now, people going to the gym will never have to face difficulties with their everyday meals, courtesy to the log.

Day Designer

Planner Items, and Accessories

Day Designer is all about productivity, this is because all planning items and accessories are available on their website. To browse each item in a bundle, there’s grid view, and to look into detailed descriptions, there’s stream view. Accessories like tape set, bookmark for readers, mini note sets, and Journaler pen are purchasable. For extra protection and personal design for notebooks, there’re multiple colored leather binder cover provided. For users that deals with tight schedules on a weekly basis, there’s weekly planners and calendar notebooks. If anyone’s suffering from indecision as to how to jumpstart with their planning, Tips with Life Hacks guide is downloadable.

Day Designer Discount and Price Plans

Almost all the items in Day Designer’s Printables section is $0 except for the Yearly Planner which is $7. In DayDesigner’s Accessories section, pens like Jotter Metal and Jornaler Gel are $9.99, and Tape Set and Bookmark are $7.99. The price for Notes Set is $10.99, and for $47 Mini Case is available while Flagship Case is $57 except the discount. Leather Binder ranges from $89 to $159, depending on the color selected, and Calendars&Weekly Planners are $14.99 to $24.99. Academic Flagship has multi-designed notebooks whose normal price is $59 but for mini versions, it’s $49.

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