DataNumen Exchange Recovery Discount and Wonderful Coupon

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DataNumen Exchange Recovery Discount

Microsoft Exchange Server is a very popular mail and calendaring server. Sometimes, the offline folder files of this platform can be corrupted. In these cases, DataNumen Exchange Recovery can be used. This software can recover the data from every damaged Exchange folder file.

DataNumen Exchange Recovery Review

There are only a few companies specially offering various types of recovery solutions. DataNumen is one of these companies. Each and every product of this brand is capable of dealing with a specific platform or apps. The Exchange Recovery of DataNumen can be used for recovering various types of OST files. The OST is an output format of the Microsoft Exchange Server folder files. If such a file is damaged, you may not be able to recover any data manually. For this reason, my suggestion is to depend on this amazing solution. So, obtain with DataNumen Exchange Recovery coupon and get the best microsoft recovery tool with discount.

Supports Various OST Files

First of all, DataNumen Exchange Recovery supports various editions of Microsoft Exchange Server. That means, it will work with various types of OST files. Some OST files can be created by Exchange ActiveSync. Such files can be recovered by this software too. It can bring back each and every data very efficiently. Some of these data are folders, posts, messages, and calendars, etc. The Exchange Recovery of DataNumen can save each recovered email in different forms. For example, you can save any mail in a plain text or HTML.

DataNumen Exchange Recovery

Batch Processing Capability

Another great feature of this software is it can handle multiple OST files at a time. That is why, it is capable of completing a project is a quick time. Unlike many other tools, this product of DataNumen can convert an OST file into a PST file. That means, you will be able to see the content of a mail of Microsoft Exchange Server in the Outlook. It is capable of working with all kinds of VMWare files. Along with the body of a mail, DataNumen Exchange Recovery can recover each and every attachment.

DataNumen Exchange Recovery Discount and Pricing

Like some other products of the DataNumen brand, Exchange Recovery is also available with different pricing plans. If you purchase only a single license of this product, then only 199.95 USD should be paid without any kind of promo code. If a bigger number of licenses are purchased, then this unit cost will be reduced. For example, only 149.95 USD should be paid per unit if 2-9 licenses of this product are purchased. This unit cost will be reduced to only 119.95 USD, if 10-24 licenses of DataNumen Exchange Recovery are bought. Similarly, you can purchase as many licenses as you like. If this number of licenses crosses the 500 mark, then its unit cost will be only 29.95 USD. A paid annual technical service can be added to this product.

In such way, kindly acquire the reviewed best microsoft recovery tool with coupon and have the DataNumen Exchange Recovery discount.