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Data Guardian Review

DG is an application which is used to secure all the data you make input off. It can help you to secure data login, password, addresses and also notes. You can feel safe while keying in your important confidential data. It is important to have safety for the data we key in to our system. Without having the safety of the data it seems risky to key in data because there is a possibility for the people to misuse the information. You can get your addresses secured and you do not need to worry about the safety of your data. So get your data secured by purchasing Data Guardian with the discount coupon.

Main Attributes

Data Guardian allows to input over the limit data. No matter how big the data is or how much you will be able to create them. You can create fields as much as you want by using this software. You can also create an amount of collections you want for this tool. You can also create your own collections as much as you want. There is no limit for that. You can also insert pictures. You can also keep pictures of your pleasant time and it will stay secure inside this app. People take a lot of pictures which may contain personal moment. Which can be misused if a wrong user gets a touch of it. Therefore, security is one of the main concern for that. You can also keep the activity log, so that you can keep monitoring who is trying to steal information from your system.

People are always concerned about security when they check any application. One of the main concern is security regarding data since there is possibility of theft while using data. Therefore, security is important. This application will provide security in order to make sure that you can enjoy keying in data easily. This software will provide you with encryption facilities. You can encrypt data just by locking the data. The encryption is up to 448 bit blowfish encryption. You can also access the software from any application because it allows that. So, it becomes easy for you to access the application. Avail the magnificent security services of DG with the Data Guardian coupon.


Data Guardian has the facility of synchronization. Without proper synchronization, it is hard to manage data. Therefore, synchronization is important. You can also merge data in the same time you can update the synchronized data easily by using this app. You can also print out records in different types of formation easily.

Pricing Plan and Discount

Data Guardian has three different packages. Each package is priced differently. The solo package is only 19.95 dollars without any kind of promo code. The student package is only 9 dollars. The household package is priced at only 49 dollars. The prices are different based on the abilities the application offers. You can choose any of the offers according to your choice.

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