Daminion Coupon and Discount Code

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Daminion Coupon

If you run a small business or organization, it is important deal with so many photos and other assets. That is why, an asset management solution is very much necessary. Daminion can be a great solution in doing this task.

Review and Features of Daminion

We know about different types of asset management solutions. Most of these tools are for some standalone uses only. Though these tools are less costly, these are not efficient. One the other hand, some enterprise level solutions are also there. These tools are very efficient. But, you have to spend a big amount to access these tools. Considering these facts, I recommend to use the Daminion. This is a less costly, but an efficient asset management solution. This server based software comes with a big number of features and facilities. Please, purchase with Daminion discount and buy the server based digital photo management software with coupon.

Access Different Assets

Daminion is a digital solution, which can be used for accessing different types of photos mainly. It supports almost all the popular formats of photos. Some of these formats are JPEG, PNG, and PSD. It can also work with different types of vector images. Some of these vector image formats are EPS, SVG, and InDesign. There are some other types of camera raw images. This software will let you deal with all those. Similarly, Daminion will let you manage some other media files and documents too. For example, you will be able to find out and manage the PDF, DOC, video, and audio files with it.


Daminion Coupon and Pricing Plans

Mainly, Daminion is a solution for a small or medium teams. You can use its license for a team of 5 users. As of 25 March 2018, this license can be purchased by paying only $175 per month except the coupon. But, you just have to make the payment for a year at a time. Sometimes, your team may have a bigger number of members. In that case, you have to contact with the Daminion team. That means, it is possible to get this product more for than 5 users. There is no risk in purchasing the license of this software. There is a 30-day money refund policy to make your money risk free.

Various Search Options

As this software is capable of finding out every necessary files, you will be able to use this in different ways. It has a quick search option, which can be used for accessing any file very quickly. Sometimes, it can be necessary to filter the search results. An advanced filter is added to this product in doing this task. It will help you to filter the search results by different terms. Similarly, Daminion will help you to save a search result for the further uses. An impressive server security system has also been added to this software.

Hence, please purchase the reviewed server based digital photo management software with coupon and obtain the Daminion discount in 2022.