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Conversly Discount

Converting as many visitors as possible is the most important way to get more benefits. This task can be done by using an efficient chat widget. There are some strongly recommendable solutions for this task. Conversly is obviously one of these options.

Features and Review of Conversly

Nowadays, you can see that every professional quality website has a chatting facility. By using this facility, any visitor can chat with an agent offered by the site owner. Then, it is possible to convince the visitor and convert that into a customer. Many people think that, providing this facility is a difficult task. But actually, you can offer such facility by using Conversly. Accordingly, purchase the reviewed social chat communities software with discount and get the Conversly coupon. This easy to use chat widget has so many impressive features and facilities. Some of these features are:

Very Smart Dashboard

A dashboard is very important for any kind of chat widget. Every such tool has a dashboard. But, all these dashboards are not as smart as that of the Conversly. This dashboard has a very impressive visitor tracking facility. That is why, it can find out from where the visitors have come from. There will be some new and some returning visitors. This tool will also differentiate among these. It can find out the geographical area every visitor comes from. Sometimes, some of these visitors will not love to expose their own identity while chatting. Conversly will offer them an anonymous chatting facility. This widget is capable of providing a multiple chat channels or rooms. So, a visitor can subscribe to any channel of this interest.


Multiple Autoresponders

If a chat window can be integrated with an autoresponder, then that will convert more. An autoresponder can easily capture the subscriptions. Then you can communicate the subscribers via emails. Conversly is capable of being integrated with any popular autoresponder solution. Some amazing chat skins are added to this tool. By using these skins, you can design every chat room very attractively. Each of these rooms can be integrated with an opt-in facility. A chat box can be used for broadcasting various important messages. This tool can broadcast any message as per a premade schedule.

Conversly Discount and Pricing Facility

Normally, we see every professional quality chat widget has multiple pricing plans. Some of their licenses are for a limited time. And, some are offered for a lifetime. These lifetime editions are generally very costly. Considering these facts, the price of Conversly will make you happy. It offers only one license and that is for a lifetime. According to 11 December 2017, this license is available for only 34 USD excluding the discount. Actually, this is a launch time offer for this product and it will not last long. Conversly will very quickly promote your brand. And, this tool is capable of generating some large communities.

Finally, please acquire with Conversly discount. Afterall, kindly have the social chat communities software with coupon.