Compojoom Discount: Avail Fantastic Coupon and Review

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Compojoom discount

Review of Compojoom

Nowadays creating and building a website is necessary for various purposes. Whether it be selling items and products or for corporate reasons, there is a strong need for a website. For matters such as these a webpage requires the right kind of tools and extensions. There are plenty of company and softwares out there who provides services for website development. One such highly recommended service provider is Compojoom. Compojoom is known to deliver some of the best joomla extensions and webpage development tools. In such way, take the reviewed high quality leading joomla development tool with discount and obtain the Compojoom coupon. All the products runs perfectly well with both joomla versions 2.5 and 3.5! Without any further delay let’s look at some of their features:

Matukio Events

Matukio provides some of the best solutions when it comes to organizing events. It can be used to organize events for different social purposes and also for web-based seminars. It offers services such as adding in event dates and setting up venues. There is also booking system available which is completely and fully customizable. Matukio allows online payment by accepting different payment systems and processing. It also accepts multiple currencies as payments. For better management there are nifty features such as calendar and tables to plan and manage events efficiently. For a premium look and feel there are multiple templates available for the user. Matukio events included up to twenty different languages and more! This helps in supporting audiences from all around the world and allows a diverse environment.

CMigrator Solution

Moving data and contents from one content management system to another can be troublesome. It can be a painstaking work which might consume a lot of valuable time. For the ultimate solution to such problem, Compojoon has provided CMigrator. CMigrator provides the services of transferring and migrating data in to Joomla from CMS such as WordPress or Drupal. It is a tool which is very easy to use as it is super user-friendly. Installing the tool takes only few clicks and configuring CMigrator is not at all complicated. It transfers the data smoothly and seamlessly without altering any changes to the original content. This tool helps its users migrate categories and posts efficiently and effectively. Lastly, it gives users the ability to bring data from large databases with any hassle whatsoever.

Compojoom discount

Price Plan and Discount

Compojoom’s has several packages and plans for Matukio Events and CMigrator. Matukio Events has two packages: Advanced which is 119€ and Ultimate which is 220€. But all of packages discount are not included. Advanced package provides updates for 1 year and supports one domain. Ultimate package provides updates for 2 years and supports five domains. CMigrator has two packages: Professional which is 59€ and Ultimate which is 99€. Professional package provides updates for 1 year and supports one domain. Ultimate package provides updates for 2 years and supports ten domains.

Finally, take purchase with Compojoom discount. In the conclusion, please have the high quality leading joomla development tool with coupon.