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Comet Chat coupon

Review of Comet Chat

For making any website popular, you have to provide amazing facilities there. And then more people will come to that site and engage with that for more time. One of the best options is to provide online chat facility to any website. For this facility, the visitors will feel the urgency to become a member of that site and they will spend much time. But for providing this facility, you have to pick a reliable chat solution. I can suggest you the Comet Chat. This PHP chat software has all the features that one may look for. Please purchase the leading chat solution for forums, dating and social networking websites with coupon and have the Comet Chat discount. The main features of this product are:

Some Basic Features

Plenty of features are available with each of the editions of the Comet Chat. These can be considered as the basic or common features. This chat solution will let the members of your websites to chat with their friends in real time. They can be connected with their Gtalk friends with ease. With the support of necessary plugin, this product will help them to save the conversation. One of the most impressive features of the CC is it supports 9 different languages. Real time translation facilities into those languages will help the chatters more. All the editions of the PHP chat software are totally brand free. So the members won’t be able to understand you are using third party software.

Comet Chat coupon

Three Pricing Plans and Coupon

The pricing is very important for all types of products. As the Comet Chat can attract more people, the pricing of this product is also attractive. Three types of licenses of these are available. One of those is the Professional License. One-time fee, of this product is only $129 as of 16 December 2015. But there is not included coupon.This license includes all the basic features. The Premium License has come with some advanced facilities. One of those is the compatibility of this with the mobile browsers. It can be purchased by $249 only. The most powerful license of Comet Chat is the Platinum Pack. The price of this one is USD 499. It has the video conferencing and screen sharing plugins support. This product also supports the audio chat facility.

Various Advanced Facilities

Each of the members will be able to chat with unlimited friends simultaneously. When any of their friends will come online, they will get a notification. Comet Chat also has the desktop notification system. One of the newest features of this software is the guest chat functionality. New visitors will love to use that facility and start loving your site more. The advanced editions of this product are compatible with the mobile browsers. Various plugins and themes are supported by the CC. According to the type of your websites, you can easily customize the chat window.

So please purchase with Comet Chat coupon. Get the leading chat solution for forums, dating and social networking websites with discount.