CodeGuard Coupon, Exclusive Discount and Review

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CodeGuard coupon

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CodeGuard – Cloud Backup for Websites

In the list of all the reliable website backup solutions, CodeGuard in a popular name. This company provides an intelligent robot to the web servers for ensuring proper backups. This service is one of the fastest and easiest one also. No matter what is the type of the targeted website, it can be recommended strongly. It is not like those which are offered for very high prices. The features and affordable pricing of this solution has been described in this post. So if you think the solution is reliable and effective for you, then please purchase the tool with the provided discount coupon. Since we are rebating the cash, so you don’t require any coupon code.

Comprehensive Backup Solution

Very much powerful and easy backup system is the main attraction of the CodeGuard. For backing up any website, you just have to give the web server information to this. After that it will be connected to your server. Then for the entire website, initial backups will be made. This is a real time process and that is why you can check the progress of that whenever needed. These procedures will be done by CodeGuard in less time compared to others.

CodeGuard Coupon Code

Monitoring and Restoring

Once the initial backup is done for one site, it will keep monitoring that site regularly. For any change made to that website, it will back up the changed contents only. That is why, you don’t have to create backups for that manually from the start. The Restoring facility offered by the CodeGuard is really awesome. It provides will let the user to restore their websites to any previous version. That means, you can go back to the environment what was before updating. So you don’t have to be an expert to handle the CodeGuard. From the novices to experts, all will enjoy working with this.

Affordable Coupon Code & Pricing

It is amazing that the Codeguard is available with such pricing plan. Nobody should have objected about the price of the plans of this backup solution. Here I have mentioned the 1 year and 2 year billing plans of this product. It also has month to month and 3 years billing system. In annual billing method, there are four plans. The Ninja Plan has been offered for 1 website only and price of it will be $5/month. Ronin plan can be enjoyed for $39/month and it is for 12 different websites. Samurai License is the most popular one. It can be used for 25 websites and price for this is $79/month as per September 23, 2015. Shogun is the largest plans which are about 100 websites. The monthly cost for this is $239. Now you will get these four plans for reduced prices for 2 Year Commitment. $3.50, $34, $69 and $209 be the monthly costs for Ninja, Ronin, Samurai and Shogun licenses of CodeGuard. But this price is effective when the CodeGuard coupon code is not included. So it will be best for you to purchase this for longer period of time.

So get the exclusive discount on this product according to the procedure mentioned above. Since no CodeGuard coupon code is available here, so get the offer on the product abiding the instructions mentioned above.