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CloudBerry Lab Discount

Creating backups for different types of data is very much important. Almost every computer user knows that there are some backup services for PCs. Many companies are there offering this service. But there are only a few companies providing the server backup services. CloudBerry Lab is one of these companies. It provides some cloud backup services for different platforms.

Review of the CloudBerry Lab

Many of us know about the backup services. But still, a huge portion of computer users do not use this kind of services. And, this rate is even smaller in the case of the server users. That is why, there are only a small number of companies provide a cloud backup service for servers. CloudBerry Lab is a reliable company among these. It is a fact that there are various types of cloud storage platforms. This company offers services for almost all of these platforms. And it has added so many important features with each of these products. CloudBerry Lab is one of these companies. It provides some cloud backup services for different platforms. Therefore, please acquire with CloudBerry Lab coupon and purchase the Cloud-based backup software with discount.

Services for Windows Server

It is a fact that Windows Server has so many users. For this server, CloudBerry Lab provides a very powerful backup system. Image based service is one of the best features of this product. An ordinary tool needs a physical storage for creating backups from Windows Server. These tools store the desired files from that server to a local drive first. And then, these files can be stored in a cloud. But, CloudBerry Lab Windows Server Backup does not require any local storage. It can directly store any file from a Windows Server to any cloud. It is capable of storing a small block or all the volumes at a time. This product has a very impressive restoring facility. It can restore the selected files to any virtual machine, dissimilar hardware, and USB flash drive.

Fully Managed Solution

CloudBerry Lab provides an extraordinary product for the service providers. Managed Backup is the name of this product. This solution is integrated with some very popular cloud providers. Some of these providers are Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. By using this product, you can offer an efficient backup service to your clients and customers. Its setup procedure is very easy to handle. Only 15 minutes are required to set everything up. This software supports multiple platforms for getting the original files. That is why, you will be allowed to provide a backup service to so many Windows, CentOS, MacOS, Ubuntu, and Linux users. Fully customized design is another impressive feature of this product.

CloudBerry Lab

Desktop Backup Service

Though CloudBerry Lab provides mainly the cloud storage backup facilities for servers, it also has a product for desktops. CloudBerry Backup Windows Desktop edition comes with some effective features and facilities. It has a scheduling facility, which can deal with different kinds of hourly, daily, and weekly backups. It also has a real-time loading facility. For this feature, it will make necessary changes to the files saved in server just when a change is made in PC.

That is why, there is no need to change anything in its backup manually. This product can work with a block basis. That means, it will only create the backups for newly added files, not for all. A strong encryption will also be offered to each stored file. CloudBerry Lab has added a compression facility to this product. For this reason, it can easily decrease the storage cost and data overhead. For storing all your data, this software can deal with various cloud storages. Some of these storages are Amazon S3, Rackspace, and Windows Azure, etc.

CloudBerry Explorer

Another very impressive product of this company is CloudBerry Explorer. Sometimes, it can be necessary to access and move some local files to Amazon S3. In these cases, CloudBerry Explorer Amazon S3 is very much effective. This product will help you to manage various S3 buckets very easily. After transferring some files to that bucket, you can share these with other Amazon S3 users. During the transferring and storing process, this product of CloudBerry Lab will let you compress and encrypt every file. It can work with the command line interface very efficiently. Sometimes, it can be necessary to delete different objects at a time. This software can delete up to 1000 files with just one request. This product is also available for Amazon Glacier, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and OpenStack.

CloudBerry Lab Discount and Pricing

Every product of CloudBerry Lab is available for an amazing price. And, a volume discount facility is added to each of these. For an example, the license of Windows Server Backup is available for only $119.99 per computer. It is the one-time price for this product. This unit cost will be reduced if it is purchased for 5 or more devices. In case of 5-9 units, you have to pay only $99.99 per unit. For a 10-19 unit purchase, only $79.99 per unit should be paid. Similarly, this unit cost will be very little for more units.

CloudBerry Lab adds 2GB free storage with its Managed Backup service. It is actually a customizable product. Depending on the cloud and storage size, its price will vary. Managed Backup for Amazon S3 can be purchased by paying 39.99 USD for only computer. Windows Desktop Edition of this cloud backup service is a cost saving one too. It is available for only 29.99 USD as per this post creating time excluding the discount offer. This product is also available for Mac and Linux platforms.

So, please purchase the reviewed Cloud-based backup software with coupon and obtain the CloudBerry Lab discount in 2022.