CloudBerry Explorer Pricing | Get Review for Online Storage

We know about the various kinds of online storage. But, managing these storages is not so easy. A reliable browser can help us to get rid of this problem. Our request is to consider CloudBerry Explorer for this task. It helps to access and manage various online platforms.

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CloudBerry Explorer Review

Nowadays, people prefer using various online storage to save important files. That is why plenty of companies offer reliable platforms. Though these platforms are very safe, these are not very easy to use. CloudbBerry provides a great solution to this problem. The CloudBerry Explorer is a reliable online storage browser. It can work with lots of platforms. Almost every operation regarding these platforms can be done by using this tool. Some of its major features are as follows:

Compress with Safety

There is a fact that an online platform offers limited space. You have to utilize this space properly. Generally, a user likes to compress the files before storing there. This task can be done very quickly by CloudBerry Explorer. Along with compressing a file, it also maintains the highest quality encryption. A unique user password will be used to protect every file.
For this reason, no one can access what that file contains. It supports the command line interface. For this reason, it will be straightforward to handle file management automation. There is no need to upload every file manually. CloudBerry Explorer has a multithreading capability. That is why it is capable of uploading multiple files at a time. It can also split a large file into several parts. In this manner, the uploading task can be completed very fast.

cloudberry explorer review

Supports Various Platforms

This software is available for various platforms. Amazon S3 is one of these platforms. It provides some common and unique features for every platform. For example, it has a powerful S3 bucket management facility for Amazon S3. For Microsoft Azure, it has the storage analytics and management feature. Similarly, CloudBerry Explorer is available for the Google Cloud, Amazon Glacier, and Openstack.

CloudBerry Explorer Pricing

There is nothing to be worried about in the pricing of CloudBerry Explorer. The Amazon S3 Version is available for only $39.99 as of 21 January 2019. One license of this product is for only one device. There is no monthly or yearly recurring fee for this product. But, you can get a big discount by purchasing multiple units of it. For example, if five units of this solution are bought, then the unit cost will be only $34.99. This price will become only 29.99 USD if you get ten licenses. Similarly, its 50-license price is only USD 999.50. That means per license fee will become only USD 19.99. You can get an annual maintenance facility for CloudBerry Explorer by paying an additional charge.