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Clickopia Discount

Every website promotion campaign requires different stages. One of these stages is the link sharing. The performance of every link can be tracked. A link tracking solution can complete this task. Clickopia is a top quality link tracking software.

Features and Review of Clickopia

There are several ways to drive traffic to a website. You have to share the URL of that website on various other sites. Then, people can come to your site by clicking on those shared links. There will be more traffic from some sources. And, some sources may not perform well. You have to find out those top performing sources. Clickopia is an amazing tool in doing this task. This software can automatically track the performance of each shared link. In other word, it helps to take the decision about where you should share your links. In such way, please take the reviewed modern link tracking cloud-based software with discount and obtain the Clickopia coupon.

Control the Clicks

An online marketing campaign is all about dealing with the leads. The conventional technique is to send every URL to every lead. But sometimes, you may need to some targeted leads. This task can be done by using Clickopia. Similarly, it helps to control every redirect link. That means, you can drive the leads to different pages very efficiently. An affiliate link protection is another great feature of Clickopia. There are some affiliates, who steals the affiliate IDs of a marketer. That means, there is a possibility of wasting all your efforts in just seconds. This software is capable of protecting your affiliate ID very efficiently.


Impressive Tracking Facility

There are some other click tracking solutions. But, Clickopia is capable of performing in a smarter way. It can find out the quality clicks only. A quality click means a click of a lead, who gets converted very easily. As it tracks these quality clicks, it is possible for you to detect the best source. There is no need to depend on a particular platform to use this software. Actually, Clickopia is an online solution. You can access this from anywhere by using an internet connection.

Clickopia Discount and Pricing Plans

This software actually has two different editions. The Silver Edition is available for only 34.95 USD except the discount, according to this post creating time. This software can track about 10 thousand clicks in a month. And, it can generate maximum 140 custom links. There are some marketers, who may need to track a big number of links. Clickopia Unlimited is the best solution to them. This license is available for only 54.95 USD. It can also generate unlimited custom links. Unlike the previous one, this edition offers an unlimited data retention facility. Both these licenses have some common facilities too. For example, the real-time reports can be generated by each of these tools.

Therefore, please purchase with Clickopia discount and have the modern link tracking cloud-based software with coupon.