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ClickKosh Discount

Using different types of images for promoting any product is very common. But these images can be converted into some profit pulling machines. ClickKosh will help you to do so. This product can convert a simple image into a clickable and shoppable hotspot.

Review and Features of ClickKosh

Probably you have seen some eye-catching images on various websites. Whenever anyone clicks on these images, he is driven to some sales or shopping pages. That means, these images work as some clickable hotspot. By adding this facility on any image, you can increase the sales very quickly. There are only a few tools, which can help to generate these hotspots. ClickKosh is one of these tools. So, please take the reviewed eCommerce web app business solution with discount and get the ClickKosh coupon. It comes with so many features and facilities. Some of these features are mentioned as follows:

Very Much Flexible

ClickKosh will not restrict you to promote any product. All kinds of items can be promoted and sold by using this solution. Sometimes, it can be necessary to promote multiple items with the same image. This solution will also allow to do so. Similarly, you will be allowed to use these images on various platforms. That means, these can be placed on some eCommerce sites, blogs, and even on some partner sites. ClickKosh is well informed about the fact that there is a big number of mobile visitors. That is why, it makes every image suitable to be visited from any mobile device. No coding or any other previous experience is not required to handle this solution.


Very Impressive Pricing and CK Discount

Two types of licenses are available for ClickKosh. One of these licenses is only for 3 domains. You can purchase this by paying only $27 except the discount. Though this one is for 3 domains only, it can create unlimited hotspots for each of these campaigns. That means, you can generate unlimited sales from a single campaign. Sometimes, it can be necessary to use this cloud based solution for more campaigns. In these cases, ClickKosh 10 Domains License is suggested. As per 4 January 2018, this license is available for only $37. Both these licenses allow to create some clickable banners. Some necessary tutorials are also added to both these products.

Some Major Benefits

By using the hotspot image on any campaign, it is possible to get some distinct advantage. Compared to any traditional campaign, hotspot campaigns can convert 3 times more. If these hotspots are placed on some images, there will be no need to add some other CTA buttons on some other place. That is why, your website will look fresh and attractive. ClickKosh will offer some hotspots, where no redirecting will be required. That is why, the product details will be presented in an interactive way. To make any image more attractive, this solution allows to add some attention grabbing clickable icons.

Finally, please obtain with ClickKosh discount offer. Afterall, avail the eCommerce web app business solution with coupon.