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Marketing software and tools are of different types. All these tools are not recommended for all kinds of campaigns. Click is a bit different software. This one is suitable for almost all kinds of online marketing projects.

Features and Review of Click

Almost every online marketer believes that they need to pay more for additional traffic. They also spend a big amount for ad campaigns to optimize the clicks. But, there is another way to do this task. We request to use for its advanced facilities. This online marketing tool is capable of optimizing every click. And, it ensures more sales and commissions. More importantly, this one is an affordable solution. Thus get the reviewed click tracking online marketing software with discount and take the coupon.

Advanced Tracking

Marketers generally add different types of clickable contents on their websites and blog posts. Adding these clickable options is not the only important thing. You have to track these clicks to know their performances. Click will help doing this task with ease. It has a real time tracking facility. Conversions and performances of every click will be tracked by this advanced facility. Landing pages are capable of converting more visitors into customers. But, you have to know the potential of each landing page before publishing. Click will do this task too. It has a split-testing facility for landing pages to ensure more conversions. After purchasing this software, there is no need to purchase another tool for tracking emails. It can track the email opening rate very efficiently. Similarly, it also tracks every clickable link that is sent through mails. Discount and Pricing

Though comes with amazing features, its price is not high at all. It comes with 3 different licenses. The Pro License is available for only $34 per month excluding the discount. Thus license is impress of tracking 1 thousand links. Experienced marketers may need to track more links. The Extreme License is suitable to them. It can work with 10 thousand tracking links. You just have to pay $69 per month to enjoy this advanced plan. The Enterprise License can be bought by paying only USD 199 per month. This one is capable of dealing with 100 thousand tracking links. It supports several sub-accounts too.

Marketing Popups

We have already mentioned that you don’t have to pay for the traffic anymore. This software will automatically detect frauds and bots. And, it will provide you real results. Another important thing is, you will be able to add various marketing popups on any web page with ease. These popups will bring more traffic. Another important thing is, Click helps to add scarcity timers on these pages to promote any campaign. This facility will ensure more clicks and more customers in a quick time. It will help to place right clicks to the right place. Hence, there will be a higher conversion rate.

Finally, please acquire with discount and take the click tracking online marketing software with coupon.