CleverReach Discount: Avail Nice Coupon and Review

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CleverReach Discount

There are lots of email marketing solutions. All these solutions are not suitable for newbies and experienced marketers. CleverReach is an impressive email marketing solution for all.

A Small Review of CleverReach

Every marketer knows that an email marketing software is a very important one to run their online marketing campaigns. Emails are still very effective for promoting all kinds of products and offers. Lots of companies offer these solutions. The most of these tools require a big setup fee. The setup process of these tools is very difficult too. Some of these are so costly that newbies cannot afford these. That is why, we suggest CleverReach for its tons of features, ease, of use, and affordability. Hence, please get the reviewed effective automation email marketing solution with discount and obtain the CleverReach coupon.

Newsletter Creation

An ordinary email marketing software only can send and track bulk mails. That is why, you may need to purchase an additional tool to create newsletters. CleverReach is not an ordinary software. That is why, it will help you create all kinds of newsletters with ease. Lots of templates are added here. A suitable template should be selected to generate each mail. A drag and drop editor is also there. This editor is helpful for designing a newsletter with various properties and elements. Sometimes, it can be necessary to add RSS contents or social media buttons to the mails. CleverReach will help you do that task very easily. This software is suitable for managing subscriber lists for every campaign. You will be able to create various segments of subscribers to deal with them more conveniently.


Automated Mailing

The team of CleverReach has created a powerful mail automation system named THEA. Various types of automations can be done by this system. For example, it can send notification mails for every new product or offer to every subscriber. Similarly, reminder messages can also be sent by it. This software is able to track various events regarding mailing campaigns. For example, it will let you know about the opening rates and click rates. An unsubscribe link will be attached with every newsletter. That is why, subscribers will be able to unsubscribe anytime.

CleverReach Discount and Pricing Plans

CleverReach comes with multiple licenses. The Flat Rate license is available for only €15 per month except the discount. Its cost will increase depending on the number of recipients and emails. Up to 100 thousand recipients can be managed by it. Sometimes, you may need to work with more recipients. The High Volume license will let you work with unlimited recipients or subscribers. The price of this license starts from only €495 per month. Similarly, other two paid plans of CleverReach are affordable too. With all these licenses, you will get a premium support facility. That is why, newbies will enjoy working with any of these.

Therefore, please buy with CleverReach discount and have the effective automation email marketing solution with coupon.