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Carvly discount


This is the social media brand engagement and regeneration software that captures highly engaged leads to different social media networks. It provides content that is captivating, interesting and add values to users’ business. The software will let users automate their social media campaigns on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tumblr. This is highly recommended for its easy to use and newbie friendly processes. With three simple steps, users can get started with this tool. First, users create content using Carvly’s features such Visual Image Editor or their given readymade templates. Secondly, users can share their created content across all social media platforms.

Lastly, just wait and watch while users’ content becomes viral and user starts earning money. Along with tons of new features, bonuses and high quality contents, it also has super-efficient support for users. We have made the product much more cost-efficient by bringing up the discount coupon. Enjoy this Carvly discount in 2017.


Carvly has tons of features available for the user in order to ease the users’ experience. Visual Image Editor provides around 6 million images for the users to choose from. All of the images are attractive, engaging and high definition images. This has been taken into account so that users get to harvest a large amount of traffic through their image. Advanced Video Editor provides made-for-you video campaigns and lets users edit their video. These features are added and the videos are provided so that users gets to experience a boost in engagement.

CarvBot is a feature that post users’ content on a regular basis or per scheduled time all automatically. All the user has to do is key in their keyword and the CarvBot will take care of the rest. Managing multiple social media pages, groups and profiles can be tough from time to time. Thus, Carvly lets users to link all of the users’ social media accounts so that they can continue their work without any hassle!

carvly discount


Users get to save a lot of time all thanks to Carvly. One-hundred thousand icons and vectors are already provided for the users to use along with six-hundred thousand images. Not only that, there is also templates available for the user which can be customized just like they want it. Built-in analytics and tracker lets users to see their results easily.Multitasking has never been easier since CarvBot can be manipulated to take care of posting contents timely and completely automatically. This is not only reliable but also time saving. The software can be used by anyone regardless of what their profession is. They can be writer, internet marketer, freelance designer or any kind of digital content creator.

Pricing and Discount

The price at which Carvly can be purchased is only $67 excluding the discount. This is a onetime payment along with 30 days money back Guarantee.

So, please get the artificial intelligence for the automation of digital marketing with our coupon. We hope that, you will love the Carvly discount.