Capsa Network Analyzer Discount, Gain Nice Coupon and Review

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Capsa Network Analyzer Discount

Nowadays, every business organization has its own computer network. In every network, there can be so many computers. To monitor the performance of such a network, a powerful performance analyzer tool is required. Capsa Network Analyzer is a great solution for it.

Review of Capsa Network Analyzer

If you offer a network to your employees, there will be several client computers. It is not possible to find out the performance of such a network manually. Many people hire a network expert in doing this task. But, this conventional process is very costly. That is why, my recommendation is to depend on Capsa Network Analyzer. This network performance analyzer solution is very powerful. At the same time, it is very easy to use. So, please gain with Capsa Network Analyzer coupon and have the network monitoring & troubleshooting solution with discount.

Advanced Monitoring Facility

From your network, some VoIP calls can be made. Each of these calling information will be captured by Capsa Network Analyzer. It will also analyze these calls. Sometimes, some alarms should be notified to every user of the network. This software will show these alerts by playing a specific sound or by sending an email. A very advanced task scheduler is added to this product too. Capsa Network Analyzer is capable of dealing with TCP flows. A TCP flow contains some important information regarding any network issue. These data will be analyzed very efficiently. Similarly, it is very important to analyze different types of network protocols. This software is able to deal with total 300 different types of protocols. That is why, you will be able to know the current situation of your network.

Capsa Network Analyzer Discount and Pricing

One free plan and two paid plans are available for Capsa Network Analyzer. Colasoft, its creator company, provides a free license that can work for a session of 4 hours. And, it can deal with only 10 IP addresses in a network. You can consider this as a trial edition. The Standard License of this network performance analyzer solution is available for only 295 USD without the discount. This product is capable of dealing with the wired connections only. And, it is capable of detecting and analyzing 50 IP addresses. Compared to this one, Capsa Network Analyzer Enterprise is more powerful. It can be bought by paying only 995 USD. It supports unlimited wired and wireless connections.

Enterprise Edition Features

The Enterprise License of this software provides some advanced features. This solution is capable of saving every report for future uses. You will be allowed to customize each of these reports with ease. There can be some suspicious conversations made from your network. Capsa Network Analyzer will detect each of these conversations silently. Similarly, different types of security issues will also be detected by this software. It will let you create different security analysis profiles for different sessions.

In such way, please take the reviewed network monitoring & troubleshooting solution with coupon and obtain the Capsa Network Analyzer discount.