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CanvasFlip Discount

CanvasFlip Review

CanvasFlip can be considered one of those tools that can be used to find the solution for all the issues that users may face when they use in post design. It can be considered as the single portal solution for the users. So, when users use this application they have a chance to do prototyping, in other words, making prototypes of different contents likes of Sketches, scroll position designs and vise-versa. CanvasFlip, therefore, helps the users to create prototypes and make use of it. Hence, please take the reviewed fastest growing design testing SaaS platform with discount and obtain the CanvasFlip coupon.

Benefits of the Program

CanvasFlip allows the users to create the prototype for the sketches. The prototypes will allow the users to see how it looks on CanvasFlip. It really opens the gate for the people to make improvement on their sketches before actually putting it online. Users will be able to take the recommendation from others. The recommendation will help the users to improve their sketches. The prototype consists of feedback. So users can take as much feedback as they want, whether it is from their clients or from their teams. To make sure the best use of the product easily, the users can create their very own prototype of the slideshow. The slideshow will show the users how it will actually look when they put it on the website. The slideshow prototype will also help the users to make decision whether to use the same slide show in their website. So that users make the efficient use of it and know which slide show looks better on the screen.


CanvasFlip allows the users even to create the prototype of the hotspots as well. As we know that hotspot or in other words called VPN is really popular these days due to its efficiency. However, if users want to release their very own hotspot, they might want to check out by creating a prototype of it. The prototype therefore can be created by this tool and users will have plenty of time before making final judgment.

Sticky Header and Footer

CanvasFlip provides the header and footer that users might want to use on their website or their mobile phone. So users can find out the perfect design of the header and footer for their site or their mobile phone. As it will also help users to save their effort to design the header and footer by themselves.

Prices and CanvasFlip Discount

CanvasFlip has to offer 3 different pricing plans. There is a starter package, professional and team package that are offered. The starter package is priced at only 15 dollars. The professional package has the price of 25 dollars. Whereas the team package is priced at 99 dollars without the discount. It provides the access to the user to the team management facility.

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