Call Loop Discount, Get Magnificent Coupon and Review

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Call Loop discount

Different kinds of online marketing campaigns have achieved huge popularity. People all over the world are using these techniques. Among those SMS marketing is effective and comparatively easy to use. You can use Call Loop software for completing this type of marketing campaigns successfully.

Call Loop Review and Features

Most of the SMS marketing tools can deal with only text messages for promoting different businesses. But nowadays, some marketers are also following the voice broadcasting method. That means, they are sending voice messages of few seconds for promoting their businesses. Hence, it is better to choose such tool which can deal with both text messages and voice broadcasts. Call Loop is one of those few software which have the capability of doing so. Many business organizations are using this software for their promotional campaigns. So, please purchase the SMS marketing & voice broadcasting software with discount and have Call Loop coupon. Let’s know some main features and facilities of this product:

Customized Text Messaging

For ensuring more sales and profit, it is required to inform customers about products and offers. Call Loop will let you create messages for those campaigns. Sending and receiving messages can be done using the internet. In some messages, there can be name and email addresses. This tool has the ability to capture those contact addresses automatically. SMS contest is something which can force people to participate your SMS promotional campaigns. This type of contests can be handled by Call Loop very efficiently. And participants should be asked to use your SMS keywords. Similarly, this tool is also efficient for voice broadcasting. It can broadcast such message on to mobile phones as well as landline phones.

Call Loop discount

Reasonable Pricing Plans and Discount

Depending on message credits, four different plans of Call Loop are available. One message credit means 1 SMS text or voice broadcasting of 1 minute. Basic Plan of this product is available for only 29 USD/month without any kind of promo code. Total 250 message credits are added to this one and it supports one custom keyword. As per this post creating date, the cost of the Pro Plan of this product is only 49 USD/month. It includes 1000 message credits and two different keywords. Professional marketers are requested to purchase Max Plan by 99 USD/month. It provides 2,250 message credits. 3 custom message keywords are supported by this advanced license. Pay as you Go license of this solution is also there. It is a flexible plan for which pricing will be set on the basis of credits used.

Impressive Contact Managing

Targeting huge number of subscribers is very important for any kind of promotional campaigns. Some tools are there which failed to do so. But Call Loop is capable of dealing with hundreds and even thousands of subscribers very quickly. Sometimes, you may need to send messages to all subscribers and sometimes personalized SMS may be needed to be sent. In both of the cases, this tool is very effective. SMS notification system of this tool is very impressive. Call Loop helps to send SMS alerts instantly and you just have to click once for that.

In conclusion, please purchase with Call Loop discount. Get the SMS marketing & voice broadcasting software with coupon.