CalendarScripts Coupons, Discount Codes | May 2022 Promo

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CalendarScripts Coupon

In the web developing industry, a lot of platforms are available for maintaining the development tasks. Among all of them, developers prefer WordPress platform as a flexible one. This is considered as a user-friendly method for starting your development criteria. Here, many plugins and themes can be used for maintaining various tasks. For getting many powerful software and the plugins under WordPress platform, CalendarScripts is a supportive one place for you. CalendarScripts mainly creates many effective software under the WP platform which are mainly suitable for marketing and the educational purpose. Hence, please get the reviewed responsive WP email marketing software with coupon and obtain the CalendarScripts discount.

Review on CalendarScripts

CalendarScripts is mainly valid for active plugins and scripts. Here, you will find calendar scripts, quizzes and test creator, email marketing tool, ad management tool, membership software and various types of calculators. It has been providing services for the last 16 years. Besides, this platform is committed to add new tools and the software which is related to date and calendar, online marketing, site administration etc. If you are a WordPress user, then you will definitely find some amazing plugins in this.


Membership and Ad Management Software

Let’s take a look on Membership management application at the very beginning. CalendarScripts has declared this application as EMMA. With this solution, you can simply initiate your membership site. This creates the option to start any site with online courses and the paid learning functions. In this case, top quality contents can simply grab a massive amount of money. With this tool, you will be able to create different types of subscription plans, uploading process of a protected page, downloadable files, images etc. This asks web based installation process with free source code. This solution is valid with the price of $39 only. The next one is AMY Ad Management tool which is very simple, affordable and light for using. This can simply increase the ad sales. To get this, you need to pay $29 only.

WordPress Plugin inside CalendarScripts

CalendarScripts offers some amazing plugin. First, consider the plugin for exam taker, quizzes and tests. With this plugin, you can simply manage the entire tasks from your WP administration section. This plugin is named as WatuPRO and this one occupies a multi-functional activities. This plugin is suitable for research, education, competitions, contests and some related tasks. This is a mobile friendly solution. In order to use this, you don’t need to acquire any technical knowledge.

CalendarScripts Coupon and Pricing

For getting WatuPRO, you need to pay $47 only. Therefore, the WatuPRO+ Intelligence Module is available with $87 only and full bundle package of this product can be purchased with $137 without the promo code. For Email marketing activities, CalendarScripts offers Arigato Pro Auto-Responder plugin. With this, you will be able to maintain email marketing activities in an automated way. The beginner one plan of this product is available with $47 only.

Therefore, please buy with CalendarScripts coupon. Afterall get the responsive WP email marketing software with discount.