CakeHR Coupon: Have Exclusive Discount Offer in 2022

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CakeHR Coupon

Human resource management is one of the most important parts for running an organization or business. You can overcome this challenge by using a simple and powerful software. The name of that software is CakeHR.

Features and Review of CakeHR

Managing human resources is an important thing. But, dealing with this task manually is not a very easy task. Most of the organizations have separate teams to manage human resources. Nowadays, it is possible to manage these resources by using a powerful software. Though there are various options, we suggest CakeHR because of its amazing features and facilities. Another important thing is, you don’t have to pay a big amount to grab a license of this human resource software. So, please acquire the reviewed powerful online business HR management software with coupon and obtain the CakeHR discount.

Very Advanced Scheduling

A medium or big industry has multiple working shifts. Different workers or employees may work in different shifts. CakeHR has a top quality tool for creating and editing shifts. It will help assign employees to these shifts. More importantly, it sends notifications to each employee before their shifts begin. Creating a shift with this software is very easy. There is no need to create each shift manually. Rather, this software will let you copy and paste old shifts to create new once. Similarly, you will be able to divide your company into several groups. Managing these groups can be done from a single place. CakeHR has a built in leave management tool. It will automatically accept and handle leave requests of employees. Then, it will help approve these requests and track every leave in a shared calendar.


Easy Recruitment

We know that recruiting employees is one of the most important parts a human resource management program. This task can easily be done with the help of CakeHR. There are various stages of a hiring process. Each of these stages will be handled by its pipeline tool. Actually, it’s a visual drag-and-drop tool. So, you will be able to organize your recruitment process as per necessity. Sometimes, it can be necessary to create some landing pages. This software will help generate these pages with ease. It also provides a top quality performance evaluation program.

CakeHR Coupon and Pricing Plans

CakeHR is an affordable solution. You have to pay for it depending on the number of employees, and modules. Let’s see how much it will cost to manage one employee. Suppose, you just need a leave management module. In that case, its price will be only $4.2 per month excluding the coupon. If you add the performance evaluation program, then its cost will rise to $8.2 per month. When a user will add the recruitment management program, its price will become only USD 107.2 per month. Similarly, some other modules can be added for an additional fee. CakeHR is capable of managing any number of employees. That is why, it is suitable for all kinds of businesses.

Finally, we can say that please purchase with CakeHR coupon and get the powerful online business HR management software with discount.