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CactusVPN coupon

Highlights of CactusVPN

CactusVPN is a VPN service as it mentioned in the name of the service. This is not like ordinary service available whole internet; they are better than that. They promise about your privacy online, and they are determined to keep that promise. You will be able to surf anonymously on the internet with this VPN service. They are expert in hiding your all information including your IP address, encryption internet connection. So, please get the privacy and safe browsing solution with coupon and get CactusVPN discount.

They have a wide VPN service available for anyone. We beleve they have their IP addresses to cover up your real IP address and server location to cover your current location. There is multiple server location is available to set for your location. You can choose any of those servers to set your location like you can choose America or Europe for your location. They try to create a protective shield around you with a small tunnel with lots of filters. As a result, nothing can go out or come in without the tunnel and being filtered. That means all your data and privacy are totally safe which ensures high level security for you. You get total protection from one single provider.

Features of the service

CactusVPN is packed with a lot features to serve its customer. All these features are ready to use. All features are very much effective than any other services available. They provide a VPN service along with smart DNS. There VPN service is maintaining to provide you security over privacy protection. They mask up all your true identity along with your true geographical location. And they provide mask location as no one can get access to them whatever their purpose is to. First of all, for protection you always get your real IP masked by CactusVPN. You will be covered with an IP address that was directly from them.

CactusVPN coupon

Also, this feature protects you from unwanted harmful ad as they can’t get your real IP location. Secondly, they make you totally invincible on the internet. Whatever what you are doing no gets the update of your activity. Even CactusVPNdon’t keep any kind of log for your personal protection. The best thing about them is that they provide you to bypass any restriction or blocks. Whatever you want, but is restricted in your country, nothing to worry cause this service can change your location anywhere where your desired item is not restructured. You get what you want, sitting in your country where it is restricted. Also, they have the ability to bypass the block item on a private network. Do whatever you want to.

Price and Coupon

CactusVPN comes in several packages that is based on the location. First the most wanted US VPN which is $4.99/month. UK VPN is also available for the same price $4.99/month. Liberty VPN is available for only $4.99/month. VPN with smart DNS is available for $6.99/month and only DNS has a price tag of $4.99/month.

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