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Business Directory Plugin discount

Business Directory Plugin Review

There should not be any doubt that the WordPress has made the website creation very easy. The people who have no programming or coding skill can easily create various types of websites using that. And for helping them, plenty of themes and plugins are offered by various companies. Even you can create business directories with ease. All you need for this task is to use a reliable directory plugin. For this purpose, I can suggest you the Business Directory Plugin. This product is well ahead of many other products because of its powerful features. So if you are interested in the cool features of this product, then purchase it with the exclusive discount or promo facility in 2022. Some of those features are:

All Essential Features

To be fact, the Business Directory has come with almost all the features one may look for. This tool will give you to the power to configure the directory display as you want. You can easily change the display look with the theme color and style of your WordPress site. Various fields can be added or removed from the directories. Even you can change the labels of the existing field with ease. For each of the submissions, you can charge a specific amount of the fee from the users. And you can make some of those free of cost. It will let you make the entire site cost free without some categories. The Business Directory Plugin will help you to take control over the users and their submissions.

Business Directory Plugin Discount

Some Amazing Modules

With the Business Directory Plugin, you can integrate some useful modules. These additional products will make your directory sites more useful. One of such tools is the Ratings Module which will allow the users to give their opinions. File Attachments Module is another useful tool. Sometimes PDF, TXT and other document may need to be attached with the listings. This product will let the users to do so. The location or address of some of the business will very important to show. In those cases, you can integrate the Google Maps Module with the Business Directory Plugin. If you liked the modules of this product, then you can easily purchase it from our site with the discount provided.

Pricing That Attracts All and Discount

The Business Directory Plugin has been offered with such plans which are suitable for everybody. And very impressive pricing has been set for those. You can purchase the Single Site License of it by paying only 199.95 USD. And for using this on unlimited sites, you can get the Unlimited Websites License. The price of this one is only 399.99 USD before 2017. I have mentioned earlier that various premium modules can be integrated with the Business Directory Plugin. Prices of those products are also very impressive. Each of those can be purchased for single or multiple sites. For the Single Sites, cost for each of those will be only 59.95 USD. And the Multiple Site License cost for each module is 119.98 only.  From the WP admin panel, you can easily install the purchased module. So if you think the product is suitable for you, then make a purchase with the exclusive discount that makes the product much more affordable for you to purchase.

So, if the explanation of the product draws your attention, then please get the product with the Business Directory Plugin discount and enjoy the coupon in 2022.