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Review & Features of BS1 Accounting

The Davis Software company is well known for its amazing products. It is highly reliable to the customers who need the accounting software. The features of all the tools of this brand are of top quality. But it cannot be said all of those are equally popular to the customers. One product of this company is undoubtedly one of the bests and that is the BS1 Accounting. This software is actually the combination of different small tools. Various types of licenses of these are offered for attracting all types of customers. In this review, all these things have been highlighted. If you liked the review of BS1 Accounting, then get it through the aforementioned link with the coupon. There is no necessity of adding any extra coupon code to obtain the discount.

All in One Software

Mainly the BS1 Accounting is the full featured accounting software. Different tools have been added to this. It has a very useful inventory and general ledger tools. At the same time, accounts payable & receivable and sale analyzer programs have also been added to this. For different business events, these accounting programs will be necessary. From the drop down menu, you will be able to choose the necessary program for the specific event. For all types of accounting software, the financial statement is very much important. The BS1 Accounting will let you create such statements with ease.

Affordable License Coupon Code & Pricing

You can purchase the BS1 Accounting for single or multiple users. To get it for one user with all the features and supports, you have to pay only 129 USD. For three simultaneous users, you can get the Multi-User license on it. This product is available for the price 387 USD before 2017. Similarly the 5 simultaneous user license of this software can be purchased by 715 USD only. This is the pricing without the promo code being included. BS1 Accounting can be bought for unlimited number of users. In that case, this product will cost you 1,070 USD. Davis Software Company has included so many powerful features in this. Most of the customers want to try this before purchasing. That is why, this company has offered the trial version of this product which will not cost you a penny.

Multi-Currency Solution

The BS1 Accounting can be considered as the multi-currency software. This type of solutions has so many advantages. For example, it will be very helpful for the international selling and purchasing. So you don’t have to change the currency of the books every time. It will be necessary to select a specific bank account for each of the currencies. BS1 Accounting software includes the account payable and general ledger tools. The multi-currency program will be more helpful to those two tools. The history of the purchases will be saved by this software. In the history, you can use the amounts in one currency by converting the amounts of other currencies. To convert those you don’t have to rely on other third party programs.

BS1 Accounting is well expected to meet your requirements. If you liked the product, then purchase it with the BS1 Accounting coupon. We hope this BS1 Accounting discount satisfies you.