Bridge24 Discounts, Coupon Codes| August 2022 Promo

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Bridge24 Discount

Bridge24 Review and Features

Bridge24 will help users to keep a bird’s eye on their project and see the progress. Users will be able to monitor the data progression and how the website is shifting. Users will get the report and datasheet on their projects so that users can learn in-depth about their project flow and progress. On the other hand, the program also provides features of rapidly filtering and viewing group tasks and making necessary changes wherever it is necessary. So, obtain the reviewed powerful reporting & exporting business application with discount and avail the Bridge24 coupon.

Benefits of the Program

Bridge24 allows the users to view the task and filter the task according to the need. So that users can easily see the types of task they want to keep the focus on for the project. As a result, users will be able to keep their eyes on the progression of the project all the time and see the movement changing. Bridge24 has many different types of products to offer.


Asana: Bridge24 has the package where users can select and make reporting of the project easily with this package. Users can view, filter, update and change the task according to their preference. So that users can select the type of task they want to perform. Users can create reports of the project that are professional looking and presentable. Users later on also can print out those reports for future reference.  The users can include an interactive chat with their project so that communication becomes easier.

Tello: With tello users can create an automatically advanced chart. The program will create these charts of figures for the users. The charts are versatile including pie charts, Horizontal, and many other shapes. When the reports are presented about the project to clients, it is important to make it as much as versatile possible. It makes the look of the report better and more interactive,

Filter to DOS

Bridge24 provides users with many filters so that the information can be easily derived from the program report. For example, the program allows the users to add as many filters as they want so that it becomes easier for the users to look for specific information about the product at any time they want. Users can also add multiple levels of grouping and sorting of the documents with this application. The program has an advanced version of the while project analysis. This pdf version of the project will be presentable and users can apply filters and users create information specific PDF period.

Bridge24 Discount and Pricing

Bridge24 has a monthly package and the premium package. The monthly package pricing starts from 1 user’s pricing around 12 dollars per month except the discount. If the users have 100 users the price will be 6.75 dollars per month. The premium annual package price of this application starts from 54 dollars up to 96 dollars per year.

In the conclusion, purchase with Bridge24 discount and buy the powerful reporting & exporting business application with coupon.