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Please note this flat 25% cash applies for Compact, Full-Size, Luxury and any other license.

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BoxCar Review and Features

Push notifications are commonly used nowadays. If any uncalled information is delivered to any computing device using software, it is called push notification. These notifications can be originated from servers. Push notifications can be used for sending important information or promotional advertisement to the clients. But you have to choose reliable platform for generating these. There are few platforms which can be recommended to you for this purpose. One of those is the BoxCar. This one can be considered as a universal platform for the push notifications. So without hesitation you can purchase with our BoxCar coupon which can make the purchase fantastic. Just purchase the BoxCar item with our discount offer and be the owner of the product. Here are some main features which are offered by this platform:

Reliable and Fast

BoxCar is already used by huge numbers customers. And it has come with 99.95% uptime. Reliability of this tool is very high compare to that of others. If you are looking for fast platform for push notification, then this fastest solution is recommended. It can handle largest load. So targeting millions of devices, is not an imagination right now. For lightweight, this product is very friendly to use. The data you will provide to BoxCar, will always be available. The providers of this product assures that, you will get the top quality platform all the times. With passing of time, it will be stronger and faster.

boxcar discount

Impressive Pricing Facility and Discount

There are four paid plans for the BoxCar. The biggest of those can handle 1.5 thousand pushes per minute (PPM). As of this post creating time, when discount is not provided, price of this license is only €200 per month. And the smallest plan of this product can confirm 500 PPM. And you just have to pay €7 in each month for this one. Other two paid licenses are available for dealing with 750 and 1000 pushes per minute. The most interesting thing about all these four plans is the support to unlimited devices. That means, sky is your limit now. Before purchasing any of these, you can enjoy the BoxCar Free Plan which supports 200 PPM. It can be used for dealing with two hundred Android and iOS devices.

Perfect for All

One of the biggest features of BoxCar is it is perfect for all business. No matter what type of message you want to send, you can do that with this solution. For the small plans, small plans are offered. And larger plans are available for unlimited uses. That is why, using this platform is completely cost effective. Another advantage is this tool is offered for the developers also. They can use the features of it inside their apps very easily. As this tool can work with three different platforms, it is called universal solution for push notifications. Those three platforms are iOS, Android, and PhoneGap. In near future, BoxCar will be available for more platforms. Whenever you will run any push campaign, necessary analytics will be necessary. This solution has very impressive real time analytics facility. So We believe this discount  facility will get you delighted.

We expect that the coupon on BoxCar will be a good help for you to buy the product. So, make a purchase of this fantastic product with the BoxCar discount in 2018.