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Obtain 25% cashback providing as the BotChats coupon. Please see following BotChats image for this coupon method.

BotChats Coupon

If you want to turn your blog or website into a lead magnet, then using a chatbot is a very good option. But, you have to choose a reliable one for this task. BotChats can be considered as a reliable option.

Review of BotChats and Features

It is possible to make a big sale on any blog. In doing so, using a chatbot on that blog is an excellent way. Similarly, a simple Facebook fan page can bring more leads if that has a live chatting option powered by an efficient chatbot. Though there are lots of chatbots, all these bots are not suitable for working with Facebook, blogs, and other websites. BotChats is a recommendable software. This chatbot is useful in all kinds of websites, blogs, and Facebook fan pages. Accordingly purchase take the reviewed responsive email marketing software with coupon and avail the BotChats discount.

FB Messenger

This software can easily be integrated with Facebook Messenger. Researchers have found that Facebook Messenger has a bigger open-rate than any email campaign. When, BotChats will be added to Messenger, it will reply to every follower of the targeted fan page. Followers do not need to wait for your answers anymore. Depending on their questions, this software will automatically give the accurate answers. It will increase the number of leads very quickly. Its artificial intelligence is of a very good class. That is why, BotChats is able to send personalized and targeted messages to each potential customer. And, you will enjoy a better conversion rate. More importantly, personalized messages are able to engage more customers. It literally increases the sale.


Custom Bots

Another important thing is to customize every bot. Otherwise, it will not be possible to promote any brand. This software will help create customized chatbots with ease. There is no necessity to use any kind of programming knowledge to customize any bot. Rather, you will be able to do that without any previous skills. A chatbot is very useful for providing customer supports. The techniques of using a bot for customer support are added in this package. That means, BotChats will not force its users to have any kind of additional training.

BotChats Coupon and Impressive Pricing

Many people think that an efficient chatbot is very costly. It is true in the cases of other efficient tools. But, BotChats is not a costly solution. It can bought by paying only $15.40 excluding the coupon. But, this price will not stay long. This is a product that’s worth near a thousand dollars. So, before the price rises, we recommend to purchase it. There is a money back guarantee with this software also. Customers enjoy this facility for 30 days after purchasing a license of BotChats. Several bonuses are added to this software. One of these bonuses will help you understand how to use it for making more sales, and for communicating with more customers.

So, Please get with BotChats coupon and purchase the responsive email marketing software with discount.