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Boomr Coupon

For the business owners, employee time tracking is a concerning one part. To track down the activities of every employee as well as the time sheet for salary system, this condition is really essential. To accomplish these criteria, Boomr is a dependable one solution. This is highly recommended for the managers and the administrators. This is a cloud based solution. This mobile ready platform is equipped with visual management dashboard system. From the dashboard section, admin users can simply monitor the productive hours as well as the idle time.

Overview of Boomr

To track down the efficiency of any business, we need to identify the active working hour of available employees. To maintain this task in an automated way, Boomr is recommended for the business owners. Whenever any employee checks in, Boomr will record that time. After that, it will allocate time for specific projects and collaborative messaging system among employees. By depending on these conditions, it will calculate the overall active time. Here, shift data can be synchronized among multiple organizations. This will simply calculate the payroll functionality as well as the billing criteria. This is an ideal solution for the companies with global opportunities. So, please gain the reviewed powerful employee time tracking software with coupon and get the Boomr discount.

Why This Tool?

A business owner can’t monitor the active working time of every employee in a manual process. But while depending on this product, you can handle this process quite simple. This tool will eliminate time theft from the timesheet padding. In order to increase the employee’s productivity, this is very effective. Then, if you want, you can observe the location of any employee with real time GPS location tracking feature. Most of all, administrators can review the timesheet report before billing and payroll.


Additional Features Within Boomr

Are you looking for accurate invoice report and payroll feature? Boomr can resolve this issue with powerful reporting functionality. Therefore, it holds the criteria of labor law compliance. So, the employees can be benefited from this feature. To automate your workforce, it issues all the advanced level conditions. Then, the administrators can track down the overtime performed by the available employees. One of the essential features is project tracking. Due to having this, project managers will know every single status of his/her project. Moreover, Boomr also includes shift management, automatic reminders and alerts and so on facilities.

Boomr Coupon and Pricing Condition

Boomr offers two different plans. These are: Standard and Business. Every single plan offers a free trial version for a single month. Therefore, you can use any of them through monthly basis or yearly basis. For monthly basis, Standard plan asks $5/month per user. On the contrary, it asks $4/month per user (for yearly basis). Therefore, if you choose Business plan, then it asks $9/month per user for monthly basis and $7.20/month per user for an annual basis except the coupon.

Finally, please take with Boomr coupon and avail the powerful employee time tracking software with discount.